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Two sets of speakers

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by nate13, Oct 2, 2004.

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    Hey all
    Im jsut wondering if you can get two sets of speakers running (standard pro speakers and Creatures) at the same time. im guessing it would sound ok, but it would look even cooler... lol. its two seperate ports, so i dont know how that works, but it would be interesting to find out.. :D
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    I've used a pair of Creatures and some Altec Lansings to do surround sound for Doom3 on my PeeCee. I'm not sure if you can do it on a Mac. I have a Powerbook which doesn't support surround sound. You could always do a splitter, but I don't know what that would buy you.
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    Well...I have harmon/kardon USB speakers with iSub and I CANNOT use them along with my Apple Pro Speakers on my Flat Panel iMac. I still leave my Apple Pro Speakers plugged in because when I unplug my USB speakers it reverts back to my Pro Speakers which is nice.

    So I don't know of any way to use both at the same time. In the Sound System Preference you can either choose one or the other, but not both.
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    you could run down to (gasp) radioshack and pick up a pair of headphone ports splitters, and use that to plug in the two sets. but the 2 sets of speakers wont be in surround sound, it will only be two sets of stereo, each channel (left, right) twice.
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    Of course you cant... usb speakers/headsets disable the onboard sound, as the comptuer will see the usb ones as a sound card... if you dont have a sound card at all in the system, you can still use the usb ones... as its just speakers hooked up to a usb sound card.

    Normal speakers you can do it, just split the cables... and on PeeCee's you can use dual pci sound cards at the same time if you wish.
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    diff ports

    Do you know any radio shacks that carry a splitter that accepts pro speakers and regular mini? if any of you have a iMac (with the swivel neck) , you know it comes with pro speakers (the round ones) which go into a different port (with a different female plug) than the headphone jack ;) . I was kind of talking software because the pro speakers require power form their SEPARATE port
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    Ah, sorry, didnt realize they used a different jack. Use a Y splitter like the one I mentioned above one end male, the split end with 2 females (sounds dirty, no?), one female being used by one set of speakers, the other into the Griffin iFire (http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/ifire/) and then your pro speakers into the iFire. That should send the audio to both sets of speakers. If you find another solution, but are having the only one audio input problem mentioned above, use Detour, a very robust audio control program that seems to be able to solve the multiple audio output problems, even allowing you to specify which programs use which audio output device with. (http://www.rogueamoeba.com/detour) I havent looked into this too thoroughly, but hopefully this will give you some info to work with.


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