Two weeks of searching charity shops and car boot sales. These were the rewards!

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by acearchie, Nov 15, 2012.

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    For a university project we have to create a business and sell all within a few weeks!

    Being into photography I decided to search for older film cameras. Clean them up check they work and sell them on along with film and batteries.

    If you are into film photography then check your local charity shops.

    Here is a selection of the ones that I have got round to photographing.
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    Great Idea! There are some real gems there. How are sales going? I actually more than a couple of those cameras myself. If the timing works out, try renting a table at a camera swap meet. You'd have to be pretty lucky to find one in the time frame it sounds like you are working with, but you never know.
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    A blad in a charity shop! How much was it?
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    Very nice
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    Thanks for the idea. Being located in London I am sure there is something that could work!

    If you're taking about the 500c then that was from a car boot sale for just over £200. It lacked a viewfinder screen and the lens was stuck to the body (body fired but the lens hadn't). Fortunately I have had this happen before and was able to deal with it without touching the lens at all. A new screen was easy to find second hand.
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    Im near london too, in the unlikely event you come across a vgc rb67 I could be interested at the right price.
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    I've never found anything that nice in a charity shop here. Usually all you see are cheap p&s cameras and the occasional low-end Polaroid. Once in a while something relatively good will be seen in an antique shop, but at high prices. I'd rather buy from KEH and know the condition.
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    Will keep our eyes peeled!

    I know what you mean. However, apart from the polaroids and hasselblads all of the other cameras are less than £5 to purchase with most a lot less than that meaning that if we discover a problem further down the line it's not a huge issue.
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    I am sure that the Hasselblad EL was someone's studio portrait workhorse. Great find! Let us know how much it sells for! How much did you have to pay for that one?:D
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    I like your Zenit B and your Agfamatic reminds me of my Minox :)

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