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Typing on the 13" Macbook Air

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by MacLappy, Aug 7, 2011.

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    I love typing on the Macbook Air. It delights my senses like no other keyboard. Each keystroke returns a sense of satisfaction that permeates my being with holistic joy. Each “click” like the light pattering of summer rain, flowing smoothly akin a well oiled orchestra, flooding my soul with a symphony of calmness. Each push encounters the right amount of resistance, both exhilarating and alluring. Like a skilled seductress each depress an additional stimulate feeding my fingers with an inexplicable pleasure, leaving me begging for more. Yet that is not all. The combination of a gentle incline and ample space to rest my weary hands heighten the effectiveness of this “word” temptress. This is not a mere machine, it is a work of art. To a word smith this is not just a tool, it is an indulgence, it is nirvana.
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    You need to get out more. :D
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    I know, but isn't this keyboard just perfect! :D
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    LOL! I read the first few sentences and thought to myself, "It sounds like the OP is having an orgasm...":eek:
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    I almost did in a non physical kind of way....kinda!
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    I find the keyboard to be functional and nice to use.

    I'll leave it at that.
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    Apple OC

    I am sure you could have said a few more nice things about the keyboard :D
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    then you should "try" the touchpad - actually THIS is pure joy
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    <reads post>
    <looks around the room>
    <starts to unzip...>:eek::eek::rolleyes:

    I just KNEW this keyboard cover would come in handy!
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    Well said well said! Haha...I'll say this about MacRumors, it's sure has some interesting members. :)
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