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U.S. Troops Want Rumsfeld to Send Them Home

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by zimv20, Sep 5, 2003.

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  2. Ugg
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    They lied to the US public about the reasons for the need for war and then they lied to the soldiers who fought the war. I wonder how many have gone AWOL? Of course, the government will never tell us, but it is interesting to speculate nonetheless.
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    IJ Reilly

    I doubt very much that AWOL is a problem. We've got a highly professional military. They are doing the job they are paid to do, and I really don't like hearing them grumble in public about it. This is all completely apart from the question of whether I think they ought to be doing this particular job -- it is still not something members of the armed forces get to decide.
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    What do you think it did for the troops morale to hear their Commander-in-Chief tell the people who are killing their comrades to "Bring it on"?
  5. Ugg
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    They're Americans, they deserve the right to be heard and their complaints should be taken for what they are, serious dissatisfaction with the lack of a postwar plan for Iraq. Everyone has the right to express their discontent about their boss and soldiers are no exception.
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    IJ Reilly

    In response to both of these objections:

    It simply is not the role of members of the military to question the directives of the Commander in Chief, and I feel the same way about this now as I did when a certain southern senator encouraged the military to gripe about Bill Clinton. In this country, the military is under civilian authority, and this is one of the key differences between the United States and a banana republic.

    Today, nobody is in the military against his or her will. Armed service members can feel how ever they wish about any given mission, but if they want to wear that uniform, they've got to learn to keep their feelings to themselves.
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    Well, I hope they don't keep their votes "to themselves" in 2004.
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    IJ Reilly

    I never suggested that they should.
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    No, I know.

    I guess I agree that they should refrain from speaking to the press about their personal feelings. Not because I feel that their personal feelings are inappropriate, but I think it could create problems in an already tense and chaotic atmosphere.

    It's misplaced aggression, really, for a soldier to tell a reporter something that he wouldn't tell his officer or president, face to face.

    I just hope they carry their personal feelings with them to the polls and use this method to tell the president how they feel about his "dangling" them out there without a solid plan of action.
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    My brother (in the Honor Guard; non-deployable even) called me today. I said something about the Bush asking for $87B extra and how we need to get the hell out of Iraq.

    His response (in earshot of other soldiers):

    "Bush is a ****ing *******."
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    Dale Sorel

    Folks in the military get tremendous, lifelong benefits...they need to stop bitching and do their jobs :rolleyes:
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    when are you enlisting?
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    When you join the military you should join with the expectation that you will be called upon to serve in a hostile environment. You surely should not join and then undermine your superiors in front of the international media.

    When they get drafted, then they can complain openly.
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    true. but bush reversed 200+ years of a non-preemption doctrine. perhaps some of the military feel a little cheated by that.
  15. Ugg
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    Not only that but due to extremely poor planning on the part of gw & co. their tours of duty keep on getting extended. Let's face it, all soldiers are gonna gripe a little, but when you've been away from family and friends for over a year and there is no end in sight then they deserve to bitch and moan. Can you imagine what it is like wearing body armor in 120+degree heat?
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    Dale Sorel

    Yep, this is America and I can make that choice can't I...same as those who are currently enlisted did :rolleyes:
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    Soldiers have always complained. This time I agree with them.
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    so... they should "stop bitching and do their jobs" (your words) so you can enjoy the freedoms they're defending.

    my opinion, but i think that's a little messed up. i feel for them.
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    Yes! Like the lifelong benefit of winding up dead!

    I don't really like the fact that they are publicly griping to the media, but if they are doing that, then they have been griping among themselves and their superiors have heard it as well. That means morale is low, and low morale needs to be addressed. If the individual soldiers didn't tell the media about their unhappiness, the pentagon sure wouldn't volunteer the information though. From what they have said, all the soldiers are perfectly happy.
  20. Ugg
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    U.S. Extends Iraq Tours of Guard, Reserve


    Nothing like changing the rules in the middle of the game.
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    Oh man I feel for those people. Reservists going on year-long duty status isn't good for our forces. They have jobs that they will now be missing for a year. :(
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    Dale Sorel


    Hey, I was registered for the draft when Reagan was in office. And I would have gone in a second if called upon.
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    Dale Sorel

    Or being able to buy a house with $0.00 down through the VA.

    Hey, they knew the bargain going into it, didn't they :rolleyes:
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    yes, i registered under him, as well.

    in several ways, the military is working for me (i pay their salaries, they are doing me a service).

    in business, when i had people working for me, part of my job was to listen to them complain. sometimes they had valid points, sometimes they just needed to vent. either way, hearing it was my job. and it made them feel better.

    i feel the same way about the military.
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    no! the rules changed in march '03.

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