U2 iPod is off to a fast start

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 6, 2004.

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    It doesn't help that it looks nasty
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    It doesn't hurt that not everyone likes the same colors ;)
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    Hey, some of us actually liked the A-Team....


    Bill Palmer
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    Love the colors

    I'm getting one, then ripping off the back-plate, putting my "generic" blackplate on, then loving my brand new White Stripes iPod! ;)
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    I gotta say I'm not a fan of the color scheme.
    What's up with the red wheel?
    And I'm a red and black fan since they are the Ga Bulldog colors, but c'mon, this doesn't make a lot of sense.
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    .. and the doom and gloomers were yet again saying that this wouldn't sell "why anyone want to buy a U2 iPod..", just like they said iPod were too expensive, iPod Minis too expensive blah blah blah.

    I look forward to seeing positive iPod Photo sales reports.
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    I don't doubt that they will sell, I just don't care for it myself.

    Not a big fan of the mini either, but I'd buy one.
    I would like the new iPod, but the wife is not a fan of spending money on gadgets.
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    I think the U2 iPod is selling for the color, not the fact that it's a "special" U2 iPod.
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    I completely agree. If I were in the market for a new iPod (which I'm not) I would consider the ipod for it looks , but probably not get it because the idea of having some bands signature on the back just seems like uber commercialism to a point that is disgusting. I think U2 is a great band, but this is just selling out plain and simple.
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    U2 were never in a position to sell-out. You can't sell out if you were always under the eye to begin with. Sure, they weren't mega stars when they first came out, nor were they famous, but they really didn't make the type of music that would keep them completely in the dark from most people.

    They can't ever sell out, and even if you think they did a long time ago, you can never really sell out twice.
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    You know- an interesting point was made about buying it only for it's color. Maybe this is a way for Apple to test to see if consumers would really be into buying iPods with different color schemes (which Im sure most would anyway). Meh - just speculation with no foundation - just a side thought...but different colored iPods would be so awesome...
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    i have a dare for you. a "good" company would knock on your door and would pay you for your signature (let us say) 100000000 $. i dare you to say no. hey, i would sell my signature for a hundred bucks if anyone wants it.
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    But really, of their fan base, how many would actually by this iPod soley because it was U2? If they already had an iPod, would they sell theirs just to get this one? Maybe.

    But of the others who may not be fans, or are marginally fans, wouldn't they be buying it for the color in spite of the U2 branding? And wouldn't some of them avoid it just because it was branded?

    I'm not saying it was a bad idea, 'cause it will sell. Heck, it would probably sell even if it had Britney Spears on it. But I think it sells more because some want a different and unique color, not the band. And they would have probably preferred a different color scheme, but settle for this difference.

    Just my opinion.
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    You're all forgetting one thing

    The U2 edition iPod comes with an iTMS coupon for purchasing "The Complete U2" - an iTMS box-set containing over 400 songs, including more than 25 "rare and unreleased" tracks.

    If you like U2's music, that download is worth far more than the $50 premium you're paying for the iPod. The color scheme and signatures on the back have nothing to do with the higher price. You're paying for the bundled music.
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    Only if Britney writes a lot more music. Her complete collection would fit on an SD card :)
    The big selling point, IMO, is the bundled music - over 400 U2 songs. If you like U2, that's worth a lot more than the $50 extra you're paying.

    As for the black/red color scheme, it's supposed to coordinate with the cover of U2's latest album:

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    Whoops. I spoke too soon. You're not getting the box set for free. You're getting a $50 coupon for it. The box set itself sells for $150.

    So, if you buy the box set, the extra $50 you spend is of no consequence, because you get it back via an iTMS discount. If you don't buy the box set, then you've spend an extra $50 for nothing (unless you think the color scheme and signatures are actually worth something.)
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    U2 iPod Coupon

    Is there anyone who bought the new U2 iPod, but are not going to use the coupon... I would very much like to use it if someone is willing.

    thanx... :rolleyes:
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    Allmost :) I have a coupon for europe that I would l switch for a U.S. coupon.

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