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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Jasonbot, Oct 10, 2006.

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    Yes I'm a linux noob!

    Now that we've got that sorted... I've tried to boot an Ubuntu live-CD that I ordered, unfortunately all that happens is a weird unix menu comes up and tells me to choose how to boot it??? I tried all the options, some left the screen offf with fans on max, others actually brought up some loading bar then the system kinda shutdown but it was still on.

    Anyone successfully booted Ubuntu on an iMac G5??
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    Don't you hate it when you get 25 views and not one reply?
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    Did you get the PPC version?
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    The default Dapper 6.0.6 doesn't quite work on iMac G5s. You need to run the alternate ISO image to install it, then unless you want to live with the fans going like a wind tunnel, download and compile a new kernel. Not sure if there is a live CD, for these reasons.

    More here. Post #5 has the rundown.

    If you find that a bit intimidating, wait for 6.0.7
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    K, this is hard:( I guess I'll just leave it @ that. With my ssssllllooooooowww connection and 1Gb cap i'll just have to wait for ubuntu iMac updates...

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