Ubuntu switcher takes a step back to Mac

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    Description:: A month ago Tim Bray and Mark Pilgrim torched off a mini-firestorm in the blogosphere by announcing that they were switching away from Mac OS X to Ubuntu. Hawk Wings covered it because of Mail.app’s central role in Mark Pilgrim’s decision to switch away. Now Tim Bray is almost having second thoughts.

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    Jeez, you don't HAVE to switch OSs to use different apps! Thunderbird is available for MacOS X and so is Emacs via the terminal. It's not like your Mac will see you are typing a schedule in Emacs and then stop you and open up iCal. It seems like all these Ubuntu switchers are moving because of some Apple apps they don't like as if they can't just use differnt ones on a Mac. I don't care if they switch or not to be honest but shut up about it when your reasons don't make any sense.

    "I have so had it with Apple applications. A couple weeks with Thunderbird made it obvious I should have long since dumped Mail.app. Every week iCal gets slower and every week I hate it more. When I was on Ubuntu, I maintained my schedule by typing it into a plain-text document in Emacs, and that was so much less painful."
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    It's probably the fact that you have to go into the Apple applications to change the preferred application to handle those internet functions. It used to seem less Microsoft-like before you went into mail to switch to use Thunderbird.

    Imagine, switching back and forth, just to use different applications. Dual boot paradise?

    Funny about the Alt-Tab business. Didn't he automatically try Command-Tab instead of Exposé?
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    Have you guys e-mailed the author?
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    Wow. Someone using a plain text list for his schedule is complaining about the complexity of iCal. I guess he doesn't have a complex schedule to start with, and is missing some other points as well.

    "Hello ma. This program is emacs, which is fine to keep your schedule in sync. And here is the manual. Call you later!".
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    I don't think I'd dare. He seems to be the kind of person who isn't interested in learning.

    I'm really surprised at how many people assume, rather than investigate the possibilities. (Yes, it's odd that I'm not investigating him. Actually, I'd rather not have him rant at me.)

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