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UCLA Plasma Physics to build 256 Xserve G5 cluster

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 5, 2004.

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    Sounds like the Xserve is a real win for Apple.

    But why doesn't Apple hype the fact that iTunes Music Store runs off of Panther and Xserves? They announced that once early on, and it seems like a case study worthy of more attention on their site. The iTunes pages should say "running on Mac OS X" etc.
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    But I thought the Macs were too expensive and didn't have software and weren't compatible.



    YAY!!!! Is the veil finally lifting, the clouds clearing, and the fog dissipating?? Go Apple!

    Go orange!

    GO BANANA!! :eek:
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    cool. I guess a graduated from UCLA a little too early. I probably would of had chance to at least see that cluster cuz I practically lived in the math and physics building.

    There's always grad school.
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    Its really good to see the xServe making an impact. It seems Apples enterprise stuff is really well priced and starting to make a real impact. I think this should have some nice implications for the mac industry and us users, as macs become more and more acceptable to business.
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    Xserves are now shipping in 1-2 weeks from Apple Store. I wonder how Terascale (the original "Big Mac" at Virginia Tech) is doing in its project to upgrade to Xserves.
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    I'm really surprised at how much cheaper the Apple Supercomputers are compared to others. The Earth Simulator cost $350 million, and now the U.S. Army is going to use the #2 fastest (or at least its projected to be that fast) supercomputer for $5.8 million. :eek: That's a heck of a deal!

    I think we will continue to see stories like these as those in the supercomputing industry realize the affordability of supercomputers built with macs.
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    Ongoing energy costs seem to be a Mac benefit too. I've seen low power usage per performance mentioned in articles regarding the new UCLA cluster as well as the Xserves on US Navy subs.
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    geeze, supercomputers are getting to be so cheap now, soon well be able to buy them at our local discount stores :D
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    There are obviously a lot of institutions out there that dont mind all those "hidden costs" associated with setting up an Xserve cluster. ;)
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    Hidden costs? :confused:
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    Maybe this is why

    it is taking me forever to get my new dual 1.8 G5....
    Gah, I hate how it takes apple forever to customize an order, I would have bought all the components seperately and put them together myself cept I can't do that with the video card, not without paying a pretty penny anways. Anyone know why it is taking apple so long to ship?
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    Funny how critics of the Mac platform are notably silent on the issue of "hidden costs" when comparing the Wintel platform (desktops)...like the "hidden" costs of virus infections...(as only one example)
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    Will IBM be able to ever keep up with the demand of G5's? About the hidden costs, I suppose the cooling is a hidden cost. Upgrading to Tiger Server edition too.
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    Also consider how much cheaper it is to upgrade an Xserver based system in the future vice something like the Earth Simulator.

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    Waiting since February

    I'm having a hard time clapping my hands in glee while we still don't have our XServe dual 2 ordered in February. Apparently there are at least a couple in Australia now. However even if they do show up, the hardware raid card BTO we ordered is still listed as MIA in both AUS and US. Meanwhile we have had to use a dual g5 workstation as a temp server, which also means there is a $3500 23inch cinema screen still in its box in the corner of the office, now superceeded. :mad:
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    I was being sarcastic when I made the comment about "hidden costs" you will notice the little ;) at the end :)
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    simple gardening tip...

    "ThinkSecret reports that UCLA's Plasma Physics Group is in the process of building a cluster composted of 256 Dual G5 Xserves."

    Composting Xserves is a terrible idea. You'll get a much better compost from real apples. :rolleyes:
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    wow, thanks to big mac who showed the world that apples can make great super computers at a great prices more and more people are going the apple route. im sure they wont be disappointed with the performance and stablity. now only if i had a couple mill lying around
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    We got ours a month ago. Ours was stock and we ordered the first 1-2 days they went on sale.
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    Yeah the more publicity apple gets as being able to make some of the fastest super computers in the world can only be good for publicity for selling machines to consumers/profesionals, cheap advertising.

    Go apple :)
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    Hidden costs

    Ha ha, I remember those articles claiming that Macs cost tens of millions MORE to set up, due to all the extra labor Mac installation requires! :D But Macs have long known to be hard to set up. ;) Other brands of hardware take themselves out of the box and install themselves for free, of course.
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    Okay I missed it, sorry. :D
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    We ordered our dual 2ghz about 2 weeks ago in Australia, with BTO options so I just hope we get it this month. I hate it when I hear such and such received 1100 or 256 Xserves, cause I know it means my one is still a while off.

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