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    So for kicks and giggles, I create a song in GB, then I want to play it in my music app on said iPad. I dont want to have to crack open my Macbook to do this and sync it to itunes then back to the iPad....lame! So, how do I do this? Hmmmm...I bet you are going to say the iCloud now that I think of it. Lets make believe I dont have that at this time.
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    I'm waiting for an update that'll give it Write Access to the music library too...

    In the meantime, I suggest uploading to SoundCloud, and playing back using the soundcloud app or the mobile soundcloud web app in safari.

    I have iTunes Match and an always-on Mac mini set up as a home server. I'm wondering if there's a way to send a garageband song as an email, have the email automatically place the attachment in the "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder on the Mac mini, so it'll show up on my iPad through iTunes match... a little convoluted, but theoretically should work...
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    Apple surely dropped the ball on some pretty simple things.
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    definitely agree that garageband is missing some crucial functions, i often make songs in garageband or record some basslines for my band then realise i cant put this into my music. Hopefully apple will update this in the near future as overall the app is quite nice and worth the money.
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    my #1 request: VOLUME AUTOMATION.

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