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Uh-oh. Novarg (Mydoom) virus round 2 - target Microsoft

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 28, 2004.

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    I fail to see the significance of "uh-uh". It is Microsoft after all :p
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    At least MS won't be able to trot out the false "it's attacking Unix" line anymore, since it's going after them in addition to SCO.
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    SCO AND Microsoft! Does a better virus exist? :)
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    I guess MS should now update their cost of Windows vs. Linux page to include the cost of cleaning this mess up. But I doubt they will.
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    Actually this virus was released 2 days ago..but I'm not saying how I know..I just have access to some nonexistent BB.

    They say they have found all the variants but they haven't...more exist out in the wild.
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    No Doubt.
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    Go Worm Go!

    Yay, now 10000 more e-mails with files i can't open!


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    Why I like Macintosh.


    Only 4 more days!!!!
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    Anyone have a link confirming that MS's paid "journalists" are actually calling this a "virus spread via UNIX mail servers"??

    The name Thurott was mentioned...
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    I wonder, if the virus isn't stopped ( I kinda hope it's not), will Bill Gates still be knighted? Or has he already? I didn't really read that story too much.
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    So will MyDoom.b become available via Windows Update? I'm sure everyone wants to make sure they have the most up-to-date executables!
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    a lot of my friends have been hit, iv gotten emails from ppl i dont know with attachments i cant open and wont even bother to look, but my computer just keeps chugging along :D
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    I've comp accross websites that download .exe files w/o my permission, but I don't care.

    Really, who does... expect Mac IT guys... working on PCs.


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