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UILocalNotification fireDate

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by HarryWorksInc, Jul 15, 2010.

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    I am having trouble scheduling a local notification, I have all of the code accept the fireDate code:
    UILocalNotification *Notification = [[UILocalNotification alloc] init];
    	Notification.alertBody=[NSString stringWithFormat:@"Local Notification Test"];
        Notification.alertAction = @"Yes";
        Notification.soundName = UILocalNotificationDefaultSoundName;
        Notification.timeZone = [NSTimeZone defaultTimeZone];
    	Notification.fireDate = 
        [[UIApplication sharedApplication] scheduleLocalNotification:note];
    	[Notification release];
    I cannot figure out how to schedule the fireDate, I have been looking over the example codes but cannot seem to get it. Could someone show me how to set the fireDate?

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    Create an NSDate. Really does not seem that hard. If you have a detailed, specific issue then perhaps more help can be given.

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