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[UK] Birmingham Bullring Meet Thread

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by smr, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. smr
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    Who else will be queuing outside the Birmingham Bullring :apple: Store on Friday? I'm planning to arrive about 4pm - may join the queue then, or keep an eye on the situation and join later. At least we will be indoors - the forecast for Birmingham for Friday has light rain.
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    I am getting there for about 1pm and will see what the queue is like. If there isnt one then I am walking round Birmingham for a few hours! :D
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    Same here.

    Will get into town early and see how things look... if queues look too horrendous I may have to go to CPW instead! :-s
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    I'm going in at about 10am to survey the area. Might queue from then, or shop then come back.
    Excited now
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    Now you have made me think I should go even earlier, might get there for 11 now and see what it looks like.

    Dont forget there is a BBC Webcam that is in the Bullring in which you can see the front of the Apple store so that might be a good place to do some recon on Friday morning.
  6. smr
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    Captain-Fungi: Thanks for that. I didn't know about the Webcam, but I found it and here is the link. The :apple: on the front of the store is just visible on the left of the screen. I will keep an eye on it during the day!

    I also see on the Bullring page on apple.com/uk that the store will close at 2pm and re-open at 6.02.

    I can't justify queueing for more than a couple of hours, so I still plan to arrive about 4pm.
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    Im going to start queuing as soon as the store closes :)
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    I'll probably do some twittering when I'm in the Bullring so if you wanna know what its like, twitter.com/domster

    Not long now....
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    Was at the apple store in the bullring today, and a couple of the guys in there were saying that they were expecting in excess of two thousand people, and they were having a small meeting outside the shop discussing the best way to form the queue into the store.

    I had a quick look at the touch whilst I was there, and I have to say I am sooo excited about friday now, the UI is so responsive, and the keyboard is better than I expected even with my fat fingers! :D. I have to say I was also very impressed with safari too.
  10. smr
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    2000!! :eek:

    If there is going to be that many I might just get it in my local O2 store in Telford! On the bright side, if they are expecting 2000+ I assume they will have at least 2000 in stock, so if the queue is 'short' (although my idea of short is now somewhat longer!) I might stick with the Bullring store.

    There is also the Touchwood Apple Store in Solihull - I guess that would be a lot quieter, but still allow me to enjoy the 'Apple Store' experience.
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    2000! Damn, looks like I am in for a long day. Probably go there for between 10-11 now.

    Thats insane.
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    Hmmm... similar thoughts here. May pick up one from CPW or O2 and then just go have a look at the Applestore before I run home to play with my new phone! Hopefully. :)

    In Brum city centre there are about 3 CPWs and 3 O2 shops. All have iPhone displays so if they're all getting a decent stock, I shoul dbe okay. I can't see there being huge queues at every one of those stores. Surely?? :confused:
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    The guy did say that there would be plenty of stock for 2000+ people.
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    I guess I will head in to the city around 3:30 to avoid the traffic :eek:

    Will check out the webcam in the daytime to monitor queues
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    Heading out the door in the next thirty minutes. If there is a BTOpenzone AP nearby I will post to let you know what the queue is like.
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    Looks quiet in the Bullring at the moment judging by the webcam... maybe queues outside the centre though?

    Walked past the O2 and CPW store in Wolverhampton this morning and they've papered their windows in iPhone posters. :)

    Makes me wonder if I'd be better sticking around here and buying one... can't magine there'll be huge queues in wolves...?!!!!!?
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    I am in the Bullring now. There is nobody outside the Apple store yet but they do have a lot of barriers up.

    Looks like it is going to be a long day!
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    I'll be heading out in about an hour. Hope there isn't too much of a queue by then.
    Have you started the queue then? Are you No. 1?
  19. smr
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    Now you mention it Captain-Fungi, I can see the barriers on the webcam!! I will keep a close eye on it!
    I'm working this morning, but the Mrs now wants to go shopping this afternoon so we should arrive in the Bullring between 2 and 3, so I will probably join the queue then. Not long to wait now:D
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    So the barriers are on the opposite side to the Apple Store? Odd arrangement surely??

    I think it's high time we had a bigger Apple Store in Brum now. This one gets WAY too crowded. I think something with a glass staircase would be nice. ;)
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    Thanks for the update.

    I'm hoping to get there around noon.
  22. smr
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    From the webcam, it looks like the barriers start just opposite the Apple Store front door and run 2/3 of the way across the mall, then turn at right angles and head off towards the door. I guess the idea is the queue forms along the barrier, and this takes it outside. Captain-Fungi - can you confirm this??

    So, it might pay to arrive earlier and then get to wait longer in the warm indoors, rather than arrive later and have to wait outside! It also looks like they are expecting a big queue - at least it looks like it will be properly managed.
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    How you killing time?? Starbucks in Borders? :)

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