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UK Broadband Nottingham advice

Discussion in 'Community' started by virividox, Jan 18, 2005.

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    Okay so im in the Uk, nottingham to be exact, moving out of the dorms next year so i am looking for anyone in the nottingham area to suggest broadband service. i know theres bt yahoo and ntl available in my area

    do you have any personal experiences with either
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    I have demon. They are only offering 512 to domestic customers but their customer service is amazing (they will talk you through problems at any time of the day or night), I have never had a service delivery problem (in two years), they actually know what a mac is and they are Apple's recommended ISP.

    I did contact them to ask if they had plans to offer a faster service. They said they were looking into it but felt that because their contention ratio (techies will correct me, but I think basically the number of users who can use the same service - the fewer the better) was so good they were quicker than some faster services in real terms. Which sounds fair enough.

    I will never forget the CD that popped through my letter box from BT. The system requirements for Apple computers started with: "...running Windows 2000". Really encouraged me to rush out and subscribe.

    Also, I know a couple of people with very bad experiences of Bulldog (PC users admittedly).
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    I'm currently on Bulldog (2Mb :) ) and have to say it's excellent. No major outages, turned on when they said it would be and fast. Before that I was on Pipex. Pretty good but a couple of annoying weekend long outages (that covered quite large areas, not just me) that were blaimed on BT! Pipex customer support was very good the one time I called them (got straight through to an actual tech).

    BT were terrible when I was with them and almost impossible to leave.
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    i'm not in Nottingham (York to be precise) but i have the 1Mbit connection from Pipex and that seems pretty decent really. hasnt stopped working yet and it pretty speedy though isnt as speedy as my 10Mbit connection that i had last year (sob)
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    Interesting. The friends' bad experiences were all to do with getting switched on rather than problems with service delivery.

    One actually had to wait 3 months to get it all fixed and discovered they had been charged the full rate for that period. Oh dear.

    I am loathe to leave demon but the kind of speeds Bulldog are offering are tempting.
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    Just noticed that Demon are now offering a 1 Mb product for £29.99 which seems fairly reasonable.
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    do any of your services have a download cap?
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    For Bulldog (and Pipex when I was with them): No.
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    I've had broadband in Nottingham since leaving dorms in 2001 and all I can say is do not get NTL. Nottingham has some areas of really high student population concentration and these tend to also be areas of where there are a lot of broadband users. NTL massively oversell there bandwidth in these areas and so you won't get anywhere near the bandwidth they suggest as there just isn't the capacity in the system. If you phone them up to complain, it will take you about 3hrs and they will just tell you that they do not guarantee any amount of bandwidth, it is just a certain advertised maximum level.

    A couple of other things to consider is that installation can take forever in September with all the students moving in. You can wait forever (over 6 weeks or so) for phone, internet and if needed TV connection, so work out what you want when you are moving in and book early! I would say mid August at the latest. Remember you can't book adsl internet until you have your phone connected, but adsl doesn't take too long as long as no one has to come out and set up the connection (which they shouldn't have to).

    As for companies to consider one of the first issues is how long you will be in the house, if you are looking to move next year and are not going to be staying over the summer then you will only want a 10month contract at most and that can limit your options. I don't know how nice a place you have found, but most people moving out of halls tend to get a crappy house the first year as they don't really know the market and tend to panic, thinking all the houses are going to be gone. Which means they tend to move the next year, thus wanting a shorter contract for internet and phone etc. As for companies I would just look at the adsl companies with good reputations, I'm thinking of switching to eclipse as they seem to be building a good reputation and they allow to actually increase you're bandwidth for a small charge when you need to, no more missing keynote webcasts because your housemates are using bittorrent :rolleyes:

    I can also give you the name of a good landlord if you're still looking (although they're not cheap).
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    thanks sabbath

    im actually moving into ropewalk courts

    i decided i dont want to move into a dumpy house, id rather pay a premium price for quality accomodation, plus the safety issue

    thanks for your advice ill look into the phones and the company u suggested

    take care
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    Ah Ropewalk court is cool, I had a look round a few flats and almost moved into a penthouse :eek: at one point. I'm not sure you can get cable put in there so I would definitely be looking at adsl. Try and give the Landlord and/or current tennants a ring and find out what they know about it. I can remember not being able to wait to get my first place out of halls/dorms it was so much better heheheh.
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    Just weighing in with my tuppence worth...

    I'm currently on BT Yahoo at home and BT Business at work - neither's great, but Business sucks. Originally BT Yahoo wasn't all that bad - then they started capping download limits. However I've yet to suffer a network outage other than those caused by power cuts, and speed seems reasonable for a 512k connection.

    Since signing up with BT Business they've been slow, and heavily prone to outages. And they cost a fortune - but their customer service _is_ great...

    If you're looking for higher speeds have a look at Fasthosts Broadband. I'm currently looking at moving the work connection to them as they've got reasonable prices for 2Mb and low contention ratios...

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