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Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by zed2, Jul 23, 2008.

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    So I signed up to Apple developer and I can write free apps for the iphone.

    I'm now trying to fill in all the forms to allow me to sell apps on the AppStore, but it seems that it's all geared up for US people with EIN codes etc.

    Does anyone have a nice cheat sheet for filling in the TAX form for us UK people. Ie fill in this form with this sorta information, and send it here.

    I've managed to fill in all the bank details, after talking to my bank to get the swift codes etc.

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    Download the SS-4 form and the help sheet from iTunes Connect.

    Fill in SS-4 at your leisure (you're a Sole Proprietor, but no SSN is necessary), then call the number given on the help sheet for international calls to the IRS. They'll ask you to read your entries from the form to them, and then they'll give you an EIN. It really is that easy.

    Once you have your EIN, you can fill in the W-8BEN according to the instructions given on the hint sheet. The treaty article relevant to the UK is 12.
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    Thanks for the reply 'Nutter', this has also helped me a great deal! It all seems like a whole lot of paperwork, especially for a student who is just doing these things for the experience of developing apps... but then again, it's part of the experience :D
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    For those in countries with tax treaties with the US, the SS-4 is unnecessary from what I understand. The payments are classified as royalties and, as such, taxation occurs in the country of residence. The matter is fairly sensitive, so take some time and research the topic on the internet or with an accountant if you're not sure. I was satisfied with the answers I found online, so didn't need to call in any favours ;).
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    To take advantage of the tax treaties you need to fill in a W8-BEN. To fill in the W8-BEN form you need an EIN number. To get an EIN you need to fill in an SS-4 (or ring the IRS in Philadelphia but it's still a good idea to fill the form in anyway as they ask 'what's in box x').
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    Heres what apple say:

    Since the App Store contracts are characterized as a "sales/commission" agreement, as opposed to a "royalty" agreement, there will be no tax withholding in the United States. Therefore, we would still like you to complete the W8BEN form, however, you are not required to obtain a new US Taxpayer Identification Number if you do not already have one.

    Please enter nine zeros (000000000) in the space provided in section 6. In addition, payments from the USA App Store will not be reported to the IRS on form 1042 at year end.



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    I read this thread around the time of the original posting, and I ended up phoning the IRS anyway from my landline and getting an EIN. The phone call only ended up costing me around £2, so I'm not bitter about doing it at all. :)

    The reason I ended up calling the IRS was that the developer of Beeline did, and I followed suit. Although if Apple say this, then I assume that's fine also!

    I should hopefully be getting my first payment very shortly, and I'll let you all know how it goes.
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    I filled in 9 zeros, I'm in the UK and it was accepted by Apple without problem (I emailed them to confirm they'd got it and it was OK and they replied that it was.)
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    I'm guessing they probably just ignored the fact I wrote it on there when they set up my tax stuff.

    It was interesting to talk to someone in Philadelphia, regardless. :)
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    I'm not so sure what % of tax to fill in sections 9 and 10 from the iTunes Connect contract.

    I hope you could help me with this.

    I'm an individual in the UK too.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You want the following...

    Section 9 - Tick box a, fill in United Kingdom

    Section 10 - Article 12, 0% and Sales/Commission


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    UK Developer Company

    I'm a UK developer and have setup a company to develop iPhone Apps, number of employees=1 (me!). I applied as a company to the iPhone dev program and have been accepted.

    I am extremely confused as to how to fill out the tax forms on iTunes Connect from a UK Company's perspective. Can anyone give any advice?
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    Developer from india

    Hi all,
    I'm a developer from india. Do i need to fill any of the forms like the W8-BEN to complete the tax information in the certificate?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nithin Reddy

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