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UK Educational Discount

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Peter Harrison, Jul 24, 2011.

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    Peter Harrison

    Can anyone let me know the break down of the educational discount on the Macbook Airs in the UK? The site says "Save up to £189" so I assume it's different for each model and setup. I can't check without being logged in using university system and I'm away at the moment. I know I can call tomorrow, but I'm needing to know the prices tonight for various reasons.

    If anyone can help me out it would really be appreciated. :)
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    Thats what I get on my university store.

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    have a look on here;

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    Peter Harrison

    OK, I thought I had to be online via my uni network to see the prices. Thanks a lot for the link, huge help!
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    Technically you should be, but the links work if you know the correct code which is usually 500xxx, there is one for each uni.

    Remember you get a free 3 year warranty online/phone, see the link in my sig.
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    Do you need to be a student, or can you be a staff member at university?
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    Academic staff is fine. Details in the link in my sig.
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    Perfect, thanks a lot!
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    MBAs are 14% discount in the uk! All students/academic staff get a free 3 year guarantee, but if you ever plan on selling it/want it to be transferable then buy the full AppleCare for £45.
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    first of all thank you so much to iStudentUK for the helpful thread in your sig!
    I just got off the phone and the apple rep said that the three year warranty expires when you graduate, so if i have 2 years left of my degree technically its not a three year warranty. Is this correct or was he just trying to get me to buy the full apple care for an extra £48?? Thanks.
  11. JimboMac, Jul 25, 2011
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    No Free 3yr warranty on the Airs :(

    You have to check you get the right discount. There are different ones for "Further Education" and "Higher Education". The discount for school and college courses are listed on the Apple Education webpages.

    However if you are enrolled on a University Course, then you will get better pricing which is approx 15% off the list price. If you are not looking at the pages from a Uni account, you have to just ring up.

    For the Airs it is 14% off, as I just ordered one this weekend. 6% off accessories (For accessories, check with places like Amazon first though, as often their offers are better than the 6%)

    However, the "free" 3 year warranty apparently does not apply to Airs, only MacBook Pros :( I did ask, and was told I can confirm with Apple, but the Airs are excluded from this offer.

    EDIT - Following posts from helpful people below, it seems I was being told incorrect information from Apple Sales. The 3 yr hardware warranty does cover the Airs, and is for 3 years. I have now obtained a refund on the insurance I was incorrectly sold. :)

    So had to go for the AppleCare for £48, which is still a big saving over the normal cost of AppleCare, but with nearly all the machine being solid-state now, I'm starting wonder if even that is necessary now. For thinking back over the years, I've only ever had one laptop fail on me, and that was a rubbishy Compaq, (in the days I was still on the darkside).

    Just got shipping notification from Apple that my Air is on its way from China. Hopefully it will be with the Samsung components in. Although in reality I don't expect to see much of difference over the other components, but it will nevertheless still bug me ever so slightly for a little while.
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    @ jimbo i was told that it applies to airs but that it is only over the period whilst you are at university for a max of three years. I don't see how they can actually check though, can anyone help???
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    £859 for the upgraded 11''.hopefully shift my base 2010 11'' for £650, £209 upgrade! for an i5, double the ram, and ssd size.
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    You've been told utter BS.

    From the T&Cs for education purchases-

    10.1.1 All Apple-branded desktop and portable computer products sold after October 1st 2005 within the framework of the HE National Agreement shall be subject to a 36 calendar month warranty period (the “HE National Agreement Warranty”) commencing from the date of delivery.

    Any new Mac comes with a free year warranty. MBA is included. Don't trust Apple staff when it comes to the 3 year warranty, a lot of them don't know about it.

    Almost all UK universities are able to get this discount. Let me know yours via this thread, the one in my sig, or by PM and I can check to see if your's is part of the consortium that Apple has a contract with.

    I refer you to section 10.1.1 above, and this one-

    2.1 In order to benefit from the special discounts on the Apple Store that has been set up for those eligible to purchase under the HE National Agreement you must be either a registered student and possess a valid student I.D. or you must be engaged or employed by an eligible education institution and be entitled to purchase in accordance with the terms and conditions of the HE National Agreement and must require the Produce for your own use or for classes or for research.

    Nowhere does it state the warranty will expire. Provided you are a student at the time of purchase, and intend to use the Mac at least partly for your education then you are fine.

    My gf had a problem one year after her graduation. All they did was check the serial number on their computer and looked at the expiry date.

    As I mention in my thread in my sig Apple do not have a choice in offering these discounts and a free warranty online/phone. It is a condition of a contract they signed with UACG.
  15. JD92, Jul 25, 2011
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    Well I think you're right (I got the 3 year parts/labour warranty with my iMac without paying for AppleCare), but the UK HE AppleStore is a bit ambiguous:
    MacBook Pro shows free 3 years coverage, MacBook Air shows only 1 year standard coverage.

    Perhaps it's just human error on the website?

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  17. iStudentUK, Jul 25, 2011
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    Yes, when I purchased my Mac (2 years ago) they all said one year as standard, they updated them recently to make it more clear. However, since the recent Air/Mini update there have been a few problems, the Mac Mini didn't show an option for AppleCare at all at first, even on the non-education site.

    Again, the terms and conditions are clear. If I were in this position I would purchase ONLINE and save a copy of the terms and conditions. That was exactly what I did when I got my Mac, and I still have the T&Cs saved. Then there is no argument- s10.1.1 states "ALL".

    About 90 days after purchase you should receive an email detailing the 3 year warranty and one year phone support.

    If you look at the iMac it also says one year at the start screen, when you configure it says 3. There is lots of conflicting information on the Apple site, but the T&Cs are what matter.
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    I ordered mine over the phone and was told it had the 3 year standard HE. I'll be sure to call them now and confirm this as thats pretty worrying. Cheers.
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    Many thanks for clearing this up! I just called up apple and two separate reps confirmed to me that the hi-ed discount gives you 3 years of hardware cover from the date of purchase regardless of how many years you have left of university. But if you need the extra phone support then you have to purchase the applecare, as i dont need the phone support i got them to remove the applecare. Once again thanks to iStudentUK for saving me £48 :)
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    Well thanks everyone for the reassuring posts about the warranty.

    I'm about to call Apple and ask why I was being told this was not the case.

    I had quite a heated discussion with the rep on Saturday, and he said he was not trying to rip me off, and that I could follow up the issue if I was unhappy about it.

    Which I will do now!

    I'll let you know how I get on...
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    The 3 Year Warranty is Free after all.

    Quick update...

    Following iStudentUK's post and that of others, I have just contacted Apple Customer Support, and can confirm in line with the expectations expressed on here, that the hardware warranty is all Apple computers. And the that BS I was told by the Apple sales person about Airs not being included is not the case.

    I have therefore obtained a refund for the £48 paid, as I am not interested in telephone support.

    Interestingly they do not call it AppleCare on the invoice, but an 'HE Contract Uplift". So one presumes the normal HE Contract is fine for the hardware warrantee. I'm pretty sure the guy was pulling a fast one on me, as I questioned what he was telling me about the Airs not being included several times. But he wouldn't budge.

    I could better accept is as a genuine mistake if he was not aware of the scheme full stop, but the fact he was telling me it did not include the Airs makes me suspicious. I guess he was low on his sales targets for selling insurance this month.

    Probably if people don't visit forums, they can get away with.

    Thanks again people!
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    Glad you got it sorted!

    He probably was just ignorant. Many Apple staff don't understand the education discount. Someone probably pointed out or asked about the two graphics tallyho put in his post earlier.
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    UK students are so lucky. Here in the US, students only get a 10% discount off the hardware and 20% discount off applecare and the applecare still costs us close to £100.
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    great high wolf

    It probably balances out after the massive premiums Apple puts on Macs for UK sale. As of last week, an 11" MBA base model would be about £620 if the price was converted directly, plus 20% VAT gives around £745. The UK price? £849. It was a UK HE discount that made the cost of the Air palatable to me.
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    I think the higher prices come from the UK government imposing higher taxes on Apple. I noticed when I visited Europe the prices were insane compared to their US counterparts. Everything and every brand was more expensive, except Louis Vuitton prices in France :eek: which I stocked up on a few items then.

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