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UK Gran Turismo HD 2.0 FORCE FEEDBACK!

Discussion in 'Games' started by fiercetiger224, Mar 23, 2007.

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    They did settle on it a a few weeks back, so I'd guess they would.

    Still with all the lies, they put out about rumble, its not going to look great, but at the end of the day, its one more feature for the PS3.
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    Maybe they will release new controls. Atlease I feel good getting a wheel for the ps3.
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    I thought they considered rumble a last gen feature. :rolleyes:
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    Or so they claim that it wasn't necessary for next-gen gaming. It's not about what Sony wants, it's about what we want! BRING BACK THE DUAL-SHOCK! Hell the controllers are already expensive enough, why not just bring the current Six-Axis prices to $39.99 and make a new Dual-Shock Six-Axis for $49.99? Sounds pleasant enough to me. And make it a user changeable battery please. :D
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    I'm waiting to buy another controller, for one that will undoubatbly have rumble.
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    But what does force feedback for steering wheels have to do with a genric rumble feature, answer, nothing.

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    It's a plus for me so bring it on....More features the better.

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    I also thought it interfered with the gyros?
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    Nah thats those cheap dole cheats

    (giro's ;) )
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    :rolleyes: people bitch way too much around here. Of course Sony is gonna say its "last-gen" or it doesn't work with their SIXAXIS because they didn't wanna pay the bill. Any other company would do the exact same thing.

    But on a happy note, rumble in racing games is all good so yippee I suppose. Too bad the feather light controller is gonna be a heavy slug like the 360 controller again :(

    useless fact of the day
    MRU is very full of himself in his day to day useless facts
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    Nope....MS didn't, they were sued by the same company and settled for 26M, never once did they not put force feedback in there system, and they cite the reason as it being "last gen"
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    But if MS didn't pay the lawsuit they would have said the same kinda of thing. Companies don't admit that kind of thing.

    Sony took a bet that people didn't love rumble all that much and they lost thats all.
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    26 million is how much M$ spend on toilet paper and napkins.

    But dont quote me on that ;) :D
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    Well the OP talked about a new Ps3 controller with rumble, it has a lot to do with it, also I didn't really follow the case, but it was very possible the force feed back was for controls and steering wheels
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    I'm sure if MS or Nintendo for that matter didn't pay up they would be calling FF a thing of the past as well. It happened to sony and we all know about it but now its on its way back and lets be happy about it.

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    I hope that Sony still sell SIXAXIS without rumble if they include it in the controller as I really like it without rumble, it is so much lighter and personally, I find rumble to be annoying more than anything.
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    Nintendo's rumble works in a different way to that of Sony and MS, so therefore didn't have to pay a cent to that company that eludes my mind right now.
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    Immersion :)

    I bought an iFeel mouse from Logitech that incorporates Immersion's FF technology. It wasn't on the market for very long, but some (PC) games support it - Most notably, Unreal Tournament.

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