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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by AppleSimon, Apr 26, 2010.

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    I got my iPad on Friday, and I am just using a Neoprene sleeve at the moment to protect it whilst carrying it around, but it is completely naked when in use. So I am looking for some protection.

    I have been following the threads posted on here very closely and have finally come up with the best solution for me..

    So, I want the HardCandy Hard Shell Case to carry my iPad around and keep it fully protected.

    And when in use I want the Belkin Grip Vue (Clear).

    I have no problem spending this $80 or so on these items, but I cannot seem to find them anywhere in the UK or for UK shipping.

    On Belkin's website, no clear case is listed, on Amazon they want $70 for it and I don't think that can be posted over here.

    The HardCandy Case however can be shipped to the UK at a cost of $40, I mean that's ridiculous. So if anyone has any idea's/help for me that would be greatly appreciated. I have also tried and to no avail.
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    I'm in the same situation, I've been looking at the Hard Candy cases but can't find anywhere in the UK to purchase :(
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    Yes its very annoying. I might just buy a cheaper silicon/gel case from eBay for the time being and when it gets released here I'm sure more will be released.
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    find that Grip Vue if you can, I love it. Wish I knew where you could get it, I just have to walk in the store. (not to rub it in :p)

    Also, I wish I knew why Amazon only has it for $70. I noticed that too and it makes no sense.
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    Haha stop rubbing it in. Buy one for me and ship it over :D
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    I could really do with a case, a wallet/sleeve or something alike.
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    Give it time, hopefully both these cases will be available in the UK when the product launches at the end of the month.

    PS I too have decided on Belkin clear vue + hard candy case for my ipad :D
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    I agree, it's an issue at the moment.

    For an interim cheap solution I went for the Kensington reversible sleeve for notebooks. It is a bit loose, but keeps it safe for now. You can pick one up for under a tenner on Amazon.

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    I'm hoping Paul Smith will release an iPad case upon its release in the UK. I have the PS leather iPhone case and it's great.

  10. zen
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    Clear Belkin Grip Vue and a Hard Candy Bubble case for me. I'm tempted just to order them both from the US via Bundlebox.

    No doubt it's too early to be looking at UK case suppliers, but when the iPhone and iPod touch were launched here, what was the lead time on cases? For example, there are a tonne of Belkin Grip Vue iPhone cases available here, so presumably the iPhone was once in the same position as the iPad.

    Also, am I the only person who wants the Bubble case because it looks like Dalek technology? No?
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    Have you got this yet ? If so I would be interested in what it's like. I need a case for my iPad (when I get it) that I can attach some very heavy duty velcro like stuff to and wondered if this were suitable.
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    I've got the apple case on it's way should be here Monday.
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    a case for UK

    If you don't mind expending $ 80, check the DODOcase at
    Worth the money.

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    iPad case


    I purchased a Belkin notebook sleeve from PC-World for £14 reduced from £24. The store went mad when I pulled out my iPad. I had over 20 people looking at my iPad.

    I also got a blue skin case cover off bay. £4.99 and free postage from seller poogie7. Very good service.


    Suffy :apple::apple:
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    I really like my Wrappers UK shiny sleeve for my MacBook Air that I've had for a couple years now; the pieces are hand-made by a woman in Oxford. I'm still waiting for my shiny sleeve order for iPad that I placed with her on the 4th. I plan to use it in conjunction with the SwitchEasy NUDE UltraClear, which I've had for a day and really like!
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    According to hard candy on Twitter they are doing free shipping to Europe. Sure enough one of their shipping options is UPS Ground Europe which is free. I've ordered a bubble case. Will report back when it ships. I don't think it'll really ship by ground though. ;)
  19. zen
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    Are you sure? All shipping options still say $40 for me, if I load my cart up at
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    I'm certain. I used the pay via pay pal option, and on the final confirmation screen before payment it had the total, with $40. I chose Ground Europe and it changed to $0. I did it a few times with different items before settling on the bubble case.
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    Hard Candy just shipped my bubble case to uk via ups. Free shipping.
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    Just ordered mine with the free shipping! $58 in total!

    Looks a great case!
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    Do you think these will be stung by customs and/or VAT on arrival in the UK? I'm about ready to order I think...
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    Shouldn't have to pay anything as it's under the £40 limit I believe! Correct me if I'm wrong :)

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