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UK iTMS b0rked?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by edesignuk, Mar 10, 2005.

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    Tried a few times this morning, keep getting this :(


    Is it just me?

    edit: I should be more clear. I can got on to iTMS, and listen to previews, but I can't buy/download.
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    I just now got an error trying to download from the US store.
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    I started getting the -403 error again yesterday while trying to get songs. This is also in the US. I wonder if they are doing something to the servers? Another baseless rumor we could start?

    edesign: are you running any intensive bandwidth stuff in the background? Sometimes if I am running a torrent then I get that 502 error occasionally when I try to access and preview some songs, and I think it is what messed me up yesterday when buying.

    Edit: Need to read more when I post. This may not be your problem unless you have something really intensive happening in the background. Might be worth a check, otherwise the store is probably just messed up or overloaded right now.

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    Nope, not a thing :( Oh well, this is really annoying, there's a couple of tracks I wanna get, they're going to force me in to using Acquisition :eek:
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    I had the same error yesterday while trying to download songs, I tried a few times and it eventually worked though :)
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    No! If you stoop that low, then THEY have won!

    Sorry, just feeling bored and stupid today. Hey, it's a normal day.


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