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UK Judge Rules Samsung Tablets 'Not as Cool' as iPad

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 9, 2012.

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    With the avalanche of patent lawsuits involving Apple, we try to restrict our coverage to the most significant developments such as issued injunctions, final settlements, and monetary awards.

    But while a UK judge's ruling today that Samsung's Galaxy Tab products do not infringe upon Apple's iPad design merely maintains the status quo from a competitive perspective in one of the many ongoing cases between the two companies, what is sure to spark discussion is the judge's assessment that the Galaxy tablets are simply "not as cool" as the iPad. Bloomberg reports:

    More specifically, Birss ruled that the Galaxy tablets' thinner profiles and "unusual details" on the back of the devices made them different enough from the iPad that they were not too similar to Apple's design.

    Apple has 21 days in which to appeal the ruling.

    Article Link: UK Judge Rules Samsung Tablets 'Not as Cool' as iPad
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    Wonder who's more gutted? Lol
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    Hahahaha... even when you win you lose Samsung.
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    In related news: Judges teenage son cringes at fathers use of dated slang.
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    LOL.. It's official! Samsung tablets not as cool as iPad.. Now there's precedent!
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    I hope it didn't take a judge saying that for people to know that it's true.
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    I like this judge :).

    I've used a few Samsung tablets demo models in a Tesco nothing special and rather flimsy to be honest.
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    I bought my iPad because i knew it was the coolest tablet there is. Suck it, Samsung! :apple:
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    I wish all patent cases were ruled on coolness factor.
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    "Apple has 21 days in which to appeal the ruling."

    Now if Apple wants to appeal the ruling, they'll have to argue that the Samsung tablet is "as cool" as the iPad.
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    So it must run pretty hot then...
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    Apple needs to stop attacking every other tablet out there. Everyone knows the iPad is the best! Sure, not everyone can afford one and some people settle for less, but iPad is the rock star.
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    The comment is silly and ultimately meaningless. But I am sure it will be quoted infinitely here to the point of tedium.
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    Very interesting legal precedent... "coolness" as grounds for a legal decision!

    Soon being a "geek" will be a defense for hacking.:eek:

    The legal system, strange at best, is going in some odd directions!:rolleyes::D
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    Both of them? The judge also said that Apple design lacks originality
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    Read the article.
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    Of course it's not as cool. That's why no one buys them.

    And that's why I'm in awe at Apple's aggressive fight over the Galaxy Tab. When you are near them in a store you hear "crickets"
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    As of right now, you're right. I don't think it will be the case for too much longer though. You think that the only reason people don't have an ipad, iPhone, ect is because they can't afford it, but that's not all the case. Some people like customization and being able to do what they want to with their product. Others, like myself, have steered away from the company due to their bullying and petty litigation thuggery. That said, they make great products. There are products being made outside of Apple that are just as, if not more, good when it comes to wowness factor.
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    We still have a legal system? I thought it was just another day in business.
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    Samsung thought it was hip to be square with slightly rounded corners, a flat transparent surface without any ornamentation and a thin profile.

    I guess not.
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    This headline doesn't tell the whole story. You need to read the judgement in full to appreciate what the Judge said. It's sloppy journalism to sensationalise the story in this way. I'm not a fan of 9 to 5 Mac but at least they have taken the time to quote the judgement in full.
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    Yes, because I'm sure your generation invented the word "cool". I'm not sure how slang as generic as "cool" gets dated. It's not like he said sick or ace (also can be argued as "dated" slang).
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    I did read the article.:)

    A little literary license in the service of humor.

    Obviously unsuccessful.:eek:

    BTW...thanks for the advice. I'll try to do better in the future.
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    Can anyone lend this man a sense of humour?
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    the fact is though, Apple quite rightly are defending themselves in the market.

    The samsung tablet does look similar in someways to the iPad. from my understanding previous generations of the Galaxy looked so similar to the iPad that they were requested by a judge to change it and add more samsung branding to the product. There are plenty of ways to design a tablet in terms of physical appearance they don't need to keep copying Apples designs.

    Check out this link to see how far the Samsung copying has gone

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