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UK Leicester - Highcross Apple Store

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by johnrs, Jun 8, 2010.

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    So who is planning on meeting at Highcross Leicester Shopping Center

    This will be the 2nd time for me.. :D
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    I'll come if they sell it outright and unlocked to me. Any idea about this?
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    I doubt that very much.. but you never know
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    I'll be there like I was for the iPad launch. I've already booked the day off work.
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    Typical - I am on holiday on release day! :p
    I still have not been to a Highcross Apple product launch, really want to!

    Hopefully pick one up the weekend after. :rolleyes:
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    How does buying from the Apple store work? I'm currently with T-Mobile (out of contract) so can you just buy a subsidised phone from Apple and they open a new contract in store or what?

    I would love to pick it up at Highcross, but I can't work out how it will work...I feel like it would be easier to go to T-Mobile, but then they might have more limited stock! :confused:
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    I'll be there! I'm also on T-Mobile UK, but going to buy offline (if they have any left in stock) and then cut the sim... and hopefully it should just work!

    What do you think the chances of there being any stock left?? I want 32gb Black!
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    Don’t know how I didn’’t see this thread before but anyway!

    Me and my housemate have reserved handsets so will be there.

    This is the 1st time i’ve been to one of these launch days so are you all just showing up at 8am when highcross opens?
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    I was there for the 3GS launch and also the iPad launch. I got the there about 7.30 but I think I will be getting there a little earlier.

    Also a trip to Maccy D's before hand might be in order.. :D
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    Were there many people for those two launches? I never really know if Leicester is big for things like this.

    Haha that sounds like a good plan! Will have to see how early I can get my housemate up and not have her be grumpy :p
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    hmmm I haven't reserved... well I didnt have the choice to do so..
    what do you think are my chances of actually picking up a 32Gb? iPhone4??:confused:
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    From what i’ve read on other threads if you turn up early enough you may be able to get one.
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    hope so cos I am fiending!
    See you all there early Thursday morning... 3 sleeps!
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    Im thinking of arriving at 7, but will Highcross open early?

    Will they only open one set of doors too? I guess either the John Lewis bridge or the doors below would be the most likely!
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    I spoke to some chap from Apple retail store and he advised to be queuing outside the johnlewis bit downstairs and they will open the main doors to highcross from 8am...

    have you reserved to collect or just trying luck?
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    reserved :)

    But I don't think I can wait until the queues die down!

    From what I've been reading, lots of people seem to be going for the 32GB - I think they'll go faster than the 16GB ones.
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    I was wondering how we were getting into highcross. I would have ended up down the other end by house of Frazier :rolleyes:
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    For the 3GS launch I was surprised that there was not that many people. I was 5th in line.

    The iPad launch I got there at 7am and was about 30th in line and by the time we got inside and queuing outside the apple store there much have been approx 100 people behind me.
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    So people are queuing downstairs under the bridge to John Lewis right? I'm sure we'll easily be able to find out on the day though.

    I'm not really looking forward to it tbh - unless everyone is nice and civilised :)
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    the cue will form outside next (opposite john lewis)
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    that's the placed
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    Judging by the amount of orders the iPhone 4 has had I can see this being a long line too. Will try and get there early.

    BTW all, just got back from picking up my O2 microsim, got it from the o2 store in Highcross, but they were reluctant to give it to me until another lady said she was there for one as well. But they do have some there :)
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    they shouldn't be reluctant they are freely sending out to people letterboxes today! i got one no problems from o2 nuneaton.

    Regards to cue, the ipad launch wasn't that bad the cue was quite big from 8 so 7ish will be ok i should imagine
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    I'll probably be queuing up outside as well. Where exactly will the queue start? Will it be outside the Next (downstairs outside) or will it be outside the Next (upstairs just passed the bridge)?

    Also about the microsim, do you have to show proof of purchase of the iPhone 4 to get a microsim from o2?

    I'm planning to get a PAYG iPhone and want to transfer my current contract over to a microsim, do o2 transfer your contract over onto the microsim in store?
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    Yeah, i think they were just all very confused :p ah cool we’ll try to get there for 7 :)

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