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UK mobileme now only £49, but preorder was £59

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by I am Sampson, Jul 12, 2008.

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    Ok, so I preorded mobileme from the apple store for £59 (I expected it would work, still not got a single pushed email to my iPhone 3G), anyway I also setup for a trial account when I got my phone yesterday as wanted to reserve me email address asap and et started. Now my mobile me account says that after my trial I'll automatically be charged for a year's account costing £48.76 a year.
    So why did my yet to arrive year subscription cost me over £10 more?!?!? Doesn't seem right. Any ideas?
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    I think you might find £48.76 with VAT is £59 and that is the pre VAT price
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    What country's VAT rate are they using then? Luxembourg or somewhere, I assume because UK VAT should be 17.5% not 21%
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    I did wonder if maybe you are just buying the extra 10 months onto the 2 month trial to make it a year, rather than what I bought being an entire year after the two months, but its not clear if thats the case.
    I'll probably use my code as soon as I get it as you can't use all features in the trial anyway (mainly using aliases and I want nice ones).
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    Just looked at the apple UK site and it's £59.

    I'm sure VAT on Mobile Me is charged at Ireland's rate which is 21%. Don't know why but that seems the case.
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    Apple's entire Europe operations are based in Ireland.
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    actually, it would be £57.30 @ 17.5% VAT which is what Apple should be using!
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    OK:eek: I was never any good at maths :eek: sorry :eek:
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    theres something entirely wrong with this..

    Apple cannot charge Irish VAT rates in the UK, period.
    They must charge 17.5%, and also state that VAT will be added to the sale.

    So either the price has been reduced by £10


    its another cockup

    choose your weapon
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    Check your credit / debit card bill ASAP. I, like many others have been charged £121 already for the "Free" MobileMe trial.

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    i don't think it's that because my renewal price is stated to be £48.76 and i'm not on a trial but a paying member.

    so no idea what's going on.

    it just might not be accurate as i'm also told that i have 70GB storage when i should have 40GB.
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    Irish rate of VAT used

    On the bottom of the mobileme page on the apple store at:


    in grey writing it states...

    "Prices are inclusive of VAT (17.5%) but exclusive of delivery charges unless otherwise indicated.The VAT rate for Electronic Software Downloads or other Apple products classified as services under EU VAT law will be 21% as VAT is charged at the rate payable in the country where Apple Sales International supplies such products, which is the Republic of Ireland. The order form shows you the VAT payable on the Products you select."

    Therefore £48.76 + 21% VAT = £59

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