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UK PowerBook Availability

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by robbieduncan, Nov 5, 2003.

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    I am in the market for a nice new 15" PowerBook (lucky me). I was going to get one tax free at Dixons in Gatwick when I fly to Aberdeen tomorrow but I called them earlier and it didn't sound good. The only Macs they have in stock are G3 iBooks and they don't have any PowerBooks in their warehouse. I asked about paying for it and having them deliver it when they get them but the guy said they couldn't do that (but I could talk to the manager tomorrow if I wanted). So looks like my plan to save £300 is out :(

    So I looked on the Apple Store and it said 2-3 weeks! Micro-Anvica have a status of pre-order. Dabs say less than <1 week for stock. Anyone know of anywhere in the UK that actually has some?
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    Apple does say 3 weeks but i ordered mine and it came within 2 weeks, normally i would of have to of waited for 4 weeks. 3 Weeks then a week to deliver.

    This came on thursday as well.
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    The only SuperDrive model I see available there is a refurb (yet full price!) I'll see what Dixons say tomorrow. If no go I'll order from Dabs on 12 months interest free credit (not really needed but a nice option).

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