[UK] Trafford Centre Meet Thread

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by Frozentoast, Nov 5, 2007.

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    I'll be arriving between 12 and 1 with only a video iPod to keep me entertained. When is everyone else getting down there? :)
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    The apple store?

    I'm picking the missus up at 4.30 then going straight down the M62 to get there for around 5!

    I'd go alone, but she's tempted to get one so I've gotta pick her up... I reckon last minute she'll want one! :D
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    The Apple Store yes. Queuing outside an O2 or CPW store doesn't seem as exciting to me.. ;)
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    Want me to bring a coffee or some grub in exchange for a space next to you early bird...? ;)
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    No cutsies. There would be a nerd uprising. :p
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    Could you imagine! :D

    Looks like I'll be jumping right into the line, and then sending the missus off for something! ;)
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    With the position of the store it will be interesting to see where we will actually be queuing as it's not the most open of spaces.
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    Current plan is to get there about 4.30/5pm. If we hear between now and then that there will definitely be thousands of phones available I might arrive about 7 once the queue's gone. :)
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    im getting there between 3:30 and 4 (well hoping to anyway) think my mate is coming so i will join the queue and we can take turns in buggering off for half an hour lol.....dnt think hes gna get one tho....salrite though all the more for us Apple geeks:p
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    There is already a thread started about people buying the iPhone in Manchester.. My plan is to get there about 3pm.. If there isn't much of a queue I'll wander round, and join when it starts to build up. I'll have no entertainment, but if I have to queue for 3 hours I'll get the missus to go buy me a camping chair and I'll sit down and watch a movie on my MacBook :)
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    This is a dedicated thread for the specific store, what with us been lucky enough to have two. :)
    A camping chair is a brilliant idea, definitely a step up from sitting on the floor.
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    This thread has gone a bit quiet. Looks like only about 6 people for the Trafford Centre then! ;)

    Seriously though, I'm going but I'm stuck at work until at least 4.00 pm and then I've got to get there!

    It would be very useful if I could phone someone in the queue to assess the numbers/prospects.

    If anyone wouldn't mind me calling them for this purpose whilst they're in the queue, could you please let me have your mobile number via a PM (Private Message)? :)
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    We wish!
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    leopard premiere crowd scene

    for the skinny on how they'll handle the crowd scene logistics: youtube search for Leopard Trafford (iPod Touch so no cut & paste for weblink {:^\

    My iMovie 08 maiden voyage is the Allgud sub
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    Good catch Lito. Do you remember what time people started to line up?
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    Good luck parking. Took me half an hour to find a spot when I went for my iMac!
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    I was in the TC from about 12 but not anticipating any major Leopard interest only rolled up to the Apple Store just after 5 expecting front row action.

    Already queued beyond Burtons, Peel Av car park entrance (roll eyes) plenty good macolyte fun though.
    Don't have a blue scooby how its going to play tomorrow. I guess though it will be bigger numbers in the TC, but with 5 outlets to chance fortune to might maybe dilute the Apple Store throng?
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    4 outlets!

    [new to typing on the Touch :^) ]
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    Hey guys, first post, but I visit MacRumors daily. There's already a queue at the Trafford Center.
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    How many people are there?
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    There's a few. Quite a few people have been and gone for a bit of a shop. Some people joined, but didn't know it went on sale at 6:02 so went away agian. Frozentoast is here though and Apple are taking good care of us. Come join us before everyone else comes back again!
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    Ah, a very familar sight. Can't believe it's already 13 days since I was wandering past that very spot huffing and puffing with an iMac.
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    The queue is getting a bit more exciting now.


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