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UK Unibody Macbook Keyboard?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by mike..., Jan 22, 2009.

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    Just wondering if any other UK Macbook users got a keyboard that is more like the US than the UK? On my new Macbook's keyboard, the @ symbol, for example, is SHIFT + 2, instead of being just above the right shift key.
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    Did you order it online or buy it at a local store?
    I believe from the online UK Apple stores you can check a box that designates what keyboard you get. Maybe you picked the wrong one by mistake?
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    I have exactly the same thing, on both my Macbook Pro, and my Mac Pro keyboards, and i got both from the Apple store in the UK, i think its just normal.
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    Mac keyboards are different to UK Windows keyboards !!!!

    What you have is normal UK mac !!
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    If the return/enter key is two lines tall, then you have a UK keyboard. US keyboards are only one line (like shift etc.).
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    The UK macs keep the @," the US way - its just the way they do it. It probably has a pound/euro symbol though on the numbers does it? I have a US one so it doesn't, but I think the UK one might?

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    Yeah, it's supposed to be like this.

    One thing I've noticed is my friends brand spanking new whitebook has looser keys than my 2.0ghz alu macbook. It's really annoying cos she can type really fast on it and I'm actually a faster typer than her, but she can type faster than me on it because the keys are looser to press.

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    Rationalization much?

    Anyway, it's supposed to be like that OP.
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    I don't mind which layout the keyboard is.. but as a coder, the US international keyboard is a tad more friendly, simply because the "#" is more accessible.

    Now if the OP is struggling, he/she should checkout my collection. The MacPro and MacBookPro has a US international keyboard, the MacBook (white) has the traditional Japanese layout and then there's the PC with it's terrible UK ISO keyboard!!

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