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UK user reports reciept of Panther, includes photographs

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 21, 2003.

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    awesome! I can't wait to get mine for the G5...
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    Sweet, camt wait to get mine
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    Powerbook G5

    Wow, so soon? I am trying to get into my order status but the page doesn't seem to be working right now...it's been stuck on open since the last time I checked, though.
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    Wow it's out!! Still think I'll wait a few days though so I can selfishly hear what other problems people may have ;)
  6. dho
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    hmm. this sort of ruins the big release party, doesn't it? Seems an odd move by apple, given the big deal they've made about the exact time and date, what with the countdown timer and all...
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    Jealous! :rolleyes:
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    Mine has been stuck on open too....but I can't wait to get panther on on my powerbook. I'll hopefully be heading over to the Michigan Avenue panther event, and come home to find that panther has arrived.
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    Post your reviews!

    ..and the majority have to wait until Friday... :-(

    Lucky for some I suppose, enjoy!
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    Order status????

    I'm having the same problem trying to get into my order status as well, the page doesn't seem to be working right now.
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    So much for the Europeans and in particular the British not getting any new Apple stuff first eh? ;)
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    Interestingly the English Countdown is synced with the Main Apple.com time (Yet London is ahead of USA by a few hours) and the Russian clock, set for the 25th, is some 16hrs 2 min behind? Korea looks to be one of the earliest offical releases?:confused:
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    I really like the inside flap for some reason. It looks really good.

    Who am I kidding.....the whole thing looks good!

    Just gotta wait for that eMac update first...
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    This is like dual 2ghz G5 nightmare all over again. My copy ordered the first day still hasnt shipped.
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    Phil Of Mac

    Korea's just across the International Date Line. The day starts in Korea before most other places on Planet Earth.

    That said...Jesus H. Tapdancin' Christ. It's started :D
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    I think my Panther has not shipped yet. At least I havn't gotten an e-mail saying it has. I also cannot get into the Order Status page as well.

    ... Must learn patience.
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    *brings up store.apple.com*
    *orders panther*

    Whee! Can't wait to get my copy.
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    Lucky guy

    No fair, he even has a segway and one of those mini little euro cars. Thats no fair. Some guys have all the luck.
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    HE'S GOT A SEGWAY!!! JERK!!!!! ;)
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    I got my product professional copy... and loaded it on my g5.

    my media keys (volume and eject) keys no longer work
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    sweet!!! now i just have to wait and burn a copy from someone that gets it..

    Dont you think it would be kinda cool to see apples timer when it actualy gets down to zero? I wonder what will happen?
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    is it just me, or does the "panther" in the second pic have the best feline facial expression ever!:cool:
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    Don't you believe in purchasing your software??
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    Don't worry, I was just joking.

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