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Uk Welwyn Garden City

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by ernieUK, Jun 11, 2010.

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    Anyone else getting up early doors for the o2 store in the Howard center?

    I thought 06:00 should be fine - store opens at 08:00

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    guess it'll just be me then :-(

    a short but lonely queue!

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    looks like i'll see you there!
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    Cool - what time are you planning on getting there?

    I went instore today and they said the queues started from about 5 last year

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    5 :O

    i was planning on getting there at 7 ish lol!

    not sure if i cba to queue up that early or just wait a few weeks. hm.. will see how it goes!

    what time you getting there?
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    Realistically - I think I can aim for about 6 - I can't see too many people getting there before then can you?
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    not that i know of.

    might go to vodafone instead as my contracts in my parents name and only existing o2 users can get one. and i wanted to sign up as a new customer
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    If you're not upgrading mate then o2 is probably not for you as you know they're only taking upgrade customers on launch day


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    So anybody else for early doors at o2 in welwyn garden city then or will I be on my tod?

    I guess at least I'll have my iPad for company and a good book!
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    yeah wont be me, think im going to go to phones 4 u as i have preordered one and somewhat guarantees me a iphone.

    went to carphonewarehouse stevenage and they said last year they only got 10 iphones when the 3Gs came out. Doubt i'll be going there!
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    I'll be there... Was thinking about 6 as well but will see how early I wake up scared about missing out!!

    Don't forget to bring something comfy to sit on :)
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    Cool! I will defo be there for 6 - planning on bringing iPad for some tv or games and general entertainment.

    Currently on crutches but at least well be sitting indoors in the warm centre eh?

    Difficult to know how big the crowds are going to be isn't it?

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    I'm relying on current iPhone and a good old fashioned iPod for entertainment! Maybe something that doesn't need power as well, a magazine or something. The man in the shop told me they should be doing something to "celebrate" the launch as well so interested to see what that will be...!

    It's really difficult to tell, I guess the question is how many mad people like us will there be in welwyn garden city...?! :)
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    Hopefully not many!

    However at the 3G launch there must have been nearly 100 in the queue by 08:00

    I gave up!


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