(UK) Will Argos Replace My iPad for This?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by jonnydowe, Nov 19, 2011.

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    I was updating my iPad and knocked the cable out. I can not restore as it hangs at "Restoring iPad Firmware..." with no error message. I haven't got any extended warranty and I bought it from Argos a few months back. What will they do? I'm taking it to the shop today.


    (iPad 2 32GB WiFi)
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    U should do a dfu restore really! Or if u really can't then Goto apple it'll be quicker and easier!
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    Argos haven't got anyone trained to analyse any problems like that. They'd most likely send it back to the manufacture and if it's deemed accidental damage give you a quote.

    If you've got any authorised Apple resellers or even an official Apple Store, take it there instead.
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    Firstly, I've tried the DFU restore and get the same result. I've used multiple computers. We have an authorized reseller here (in Ipswich) so we'll give that a go as well. The last time I went there they wanted £12 to try it on a mac. I went to a mate who has a mac and tried it there and same problem.
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    Why would Argos do anything? Like you said you don't have extended warranty and you are past the 14 days of purchase you get with them. Argos have nothing to do with it now the warranty is with Apple.
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    Well I just tried the restore again to check if it had any charge and guess what? It worked! Probably my 15th attempt but it worked syncing my 127 apps now. Gonna take a while, then got 1020 songs...
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    Not true. The trader (retailer) is obliged to offer the warranty in the UK. Know your rights.
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    Right well if that's the case they are only going to send it back to Apple to be fixed so may as well take it direct to Apple?
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    If you live near an Apple Store, take it there first. They might be able to assist with the software, regardless of where you bought it.
  10. gnasher729, Nov 19, 2011
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    Ask your home insurance.

    "I was updating my iPad and knocked the cable out" isn't covered by warranty. And the genius at the Apple Store _might_ be able to fix it at no cost.

    The cable might have got some minor damage. If you have problems again, try borrowing a cable from someone.

  11. luke.mac1, Nov 19, 2011
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    I used to work in Argos... they won't do a straight replace because of the value and the fact that it's an Apple product... all they will do is send if off to Apple with a repair note. Also, it takes WEEKS and that's if the person who is doing the repair note knows what they're doing and it gets sent off in time.

    I'd take it to an Apple store, maybe with your Argos receipt to show when you bought it. It's SO much easier!

    Also, that will almost certainly come under manufacturing faults... end users can't be expected not to knock cables out during sync once in a while, it happens... manufacturer's warranty is 1yr, and it's even longer under European law. You're covered...
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    Argos will accept it back as a manufacturing fault, even if it isn't... the problem is with the software on the product, maybe because the cable has been removed during an update. Although the user has done this themselves, it's not like the product has been damaged. Surely Apple have assumed that this will happen more than occasionally... what if the power to the computer goes during an installation? This shouldn't cause the product not to work...

    Argos will take it and just send it off to Apple... it doesn't cost them anything.


    I didn't see this post... Sweet as!

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