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Ultimate 11" StarCraft 2 Players

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by GreyMatta, Jan 11, 2011.

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    I am looking at getting the Ultimate 11" in the next few weeks and I know it will be great for my needs but I am a bit of an avid StarCraft 2 player, on my MBP C2D 2.66 with the 9600GT i get about 25fps on medium settings at native res

    Any of you Ultimate 11" owners playing Starcraft 2 on medium settings at native res and if so what performance are you getting.

    I have seen a few YouTube videos showing gameplay but some can be a bit misleading.

    Cheers for any info guys.
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    I play native med settings on my 13 1.86 4gb mba, so yours should be fine
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    I was guessing that the lower res on the 11" would help the slower CPU
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    Perhaps. But Starcraft 2 is fortunately more GPU than CPU intensive.

    My Ultimate 13" MBA has a slower CPU than my 13" MBP 2009. However, just because it's the 320M versus the 9400M of the MBP, my graphic performance with all medium settings crushes my MBP 2009 with low settings. It's a world of difference. That 320M is surprisingly very SC2 friendly. Sure you can't do the High settings like a dedicated card could, but we're talking about ultra thin laptops here with no room for them.
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    11" at native res on the 320M should be good then

    I would be so pleased if I could get similar performance to my MBP in OSX

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