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Ultimate Ears super.fi 5Pro Earphones

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 13, 2006.

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    Argh. I've been eyeing these earphones for awhile now... I'm so tempted to get them!
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    I wouldn't get them personally because when they come out with the new bluetooth ipods, this won't really work. (yes I know about the quality) but still. Also, I think the new apple BT headphones have to be connected (one piece behind the head or something) cos charging 2 'buds' would not be fun
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    I like the sound of these, particularly the dual drivers; it's also worth noting that the Shure E5c has that feature.
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    I really don't think I'll use BT. Anyhow... would these earphones, or any really, that have drivers use up more of the iPod's battery?
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    Just a heads up if anyone else is interested... I saw these on earphonesolutions.com for a really decent price: $209.99- $50 MIR (free shipping and sales tax only if you're in Florida). Linky. I think the white ones are the same price. If you prefer clear, only Guitar Center sells them in clear and they may or may not price match it. I tried previously and they wouldn't for me. :(
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    You have placed temptation in front of me, dev. They do indeed have the same price on the white model, FWIW.

    $160 after rebate. Free shipping. Must... stop...urge... to... buy them. So... difficult....
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    I know. There goes my last 3 months savings. :eek: I actually bought the black ones... but it's saying mine won't ship until Feb. 28th-ish.

    Come on, just get them! You WILL NOT find a better price from an authorized reseller (meaning keeping the warranty in tact, for sure) in a long time, if ever.
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    I know, I know. I love my B&O A8's, but... I'd be willing to try an in-ear type (not a lot of luck liking the feel so far, but you never know...).

    I think I'll TRY to wait until the last day (28th) to see if my $$ is going elsewhere (i.e., Cupertino).
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    That is a good plan. Too bad I doubt my $200 could afford anything coming out that day. :eek: Besides, I'm still using stock Apple ouchie buds.
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    I got the black ones for 199.

    They're amazing headphones, great detail etc. They more for rock and stuff. If you like bass, but want to retain clarity, then get them. (The super.fi eb have increased bass).

    So if you like rock music, and portability, go for these.

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