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Ultimate rumor: Starcraft 2

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Schmittroth, Apr 16, 2007.

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    This is awesome news, just hope it blows doors down. Personally I haate WoW and can't wait for another Blizzard game, I'd prefer a new DIablo though...
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    Ohh yeah. starcraft owns all. this is sweet.
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    This game can't be released, it would bring Korea to a complete hault and crash their entire economy. :)

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    Star Craft 2 rumors in korean?! No way!
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    Hmmm Starcraft, the second game I bought. Good times.
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    Though I don't give credit to this rumor, I can say that I will buy anything Blizzard releases, as I have done in the past since the original Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. I have yet to be disappointed by them.
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    A new Starcraft is great, but I'd still much rather see a Diablo 3. So all I'll remember from 19-20 is Diablo 3; much like from 11-12 and 13-14 all I remember is Diablo 2 :) . I remember some of 8-10, but mainly Diablo 1. Even the people that play no games at all have sunk at least a month in Diablo 2.
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    amen to that! i would LOVE another rts from blizzard.
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    i hope this rumor isnt true for the sake of my social life... man im gonna be stuck to the computer if its true!!
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    I really do hope they bring back the SC series, but I don't really want it to be like W3 with heroes like they did it. Just give me my standard Jim Raynor tank and let it pwn (yeah i said it, so what?) everything. I still want it to be an RTS, but like I said- not like W3.
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    WC3s hero idea pushed the RTS further.

    granted, the single player campaigns will always be typical blizzard, I just like the idea of larger than life characters that lead your men. and items were a nice touch.

    SC2 will most definitely push the WC3 engine and idea further, not go backwards.
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    I can see them doing that (I'm willing to they will), I just wasn't a huge fan of having to upgrade the hero and whatnot. I'd rather have army on army with the old version of heroes.

    I'll buy it no matter what though...
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    Blizzard had a job listing posted on their website (like they often do) for a "Game Balance Designer" with experience in StarCraft and Warcraft III. In my mind, that means either Warcraft IV or StarCraft II. A sequel to StarCraft seems much, much more likely. Combine this with comments made by a Blizzard executive at the release of the Burning Crusade and I think this latest rumor is just another piece of the puzzle.
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    hurry The F**ck Up Blizz!

    a friend showd me WC: Orcs n Humans when I was a mere lad, since then i cant get enough.

    i play WC3 at least 3 times a week on bnet, I cant get enough.

    I need a new fix dammit!
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    I'll take it...would really rather have Diablo, but like others am a Blizzard whore and will take anything they want to throw at us.

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    Lord Blackadder

    I'm sure Starcraft will be an outstanding game, just like all of Blizzard's products.

    But I'm still peeved that Starcraft got the nod in front of Diablo 3 (probably because of the similarities between it and WoW)....I'm still playing D2X and waiting for Diablo 3...

    Also, I hope that Blizzard maintains the option of single player gaming with Starcraft and Diablo - I do NOT want to see these games shift to a monthly subsctiption-based, online-only model a la WoW. If that happens my gaming days with Blizzard will be over I'm afraid.
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    Although given the nature of the RTS genre, I don't think it would be possible to charge for online play, especially when your own computer can act as the host. You wouldn't have to rely on Blizzard's servers like you do for WoW.
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    Well, D(uke)N(ukem)F(orever) isn't a rumored product, it's just been in perpetual development.
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    I don't see how blizzard could get away with charging for an RTS. I think there would be massive complaints about it. I could possible see them charging if D3 ever came out, but I could also see D3 played out as an MMORPG.

    On a side note: I wasn't really a HUGE Diablo fan, I mean sure I played it for about a month straight, but I just got over it. So I'm happy it's gonna be (or supposedly will be) an RTS not a Point and Click killing game.
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    Lord Blackadder

    I could see them charging for a Diablo 3 MMORPG, and that's what scares me. I've played Diablo 2 since it came out on and off, and I don't play online - so if it went the way of WoW I'd be left behind...
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    Yeah, I could see a lot of disappointment if blizzard went that way. I doubt you'll have to worry about it for a while, as Blizzard only seems to really work on one major title at a time.
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    Starcraft is just AMAZING! I've waited for a new one for years. What every happened to Starcraft Ghost? They said they were working on that for a while and I guess it never saw a release, either that or it released right under my nose :p
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    the problem with the Diablo series is that i believe most of the development crew left and now works on Guild Wars. but i would love to see a Diablo III
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    Yeah, Diablo never had any particular long-term appeal to me. I could live quite happily without ever playing a Diablo III. (Of course, if they ever make one anyway, I'd get it...but Starcraft 2 would be better....)


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