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Um... Why is my friend's Samsung Infuse getting better data speeds than my 4S?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Johnny Steps, Oct 8, 2012.

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    Johnny Steps

    We both have the same company which is AT&T. The Infuse and the iPhone 4S both use HSPA+ correct? Why is he getting over 5 MB down and I am only getting 1.2 MB down?
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    Are you able to use your phone as you would like?
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    The Infuse is capable of HSPA+21 while the iPhone 4S is only HSPA+ 14.4 capable.
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    Johnny Steps

    What do you mean?


    Oh.... Hm.. I see.
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    Make sure you have the proper data for iPhone 4S data plan it is HSPA + enabled
  6. jaysen, Oct 9, 2012
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    He's being facetious; meaning if you're able to go on the internet or send mms/imessages just as you'd like than why matter what his speeds are?

    in other words; troll.
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    That is not the question... Can you answer the question or not?
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    Iphone is not the best smartphone on the market!!! Just because apple makes it doesnt make it the fastest or the best product. , Wake the F up , no wonder people call them sheep.
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    iPhone 4S is capable of 8-10mbps on speedtest app. Even the 3GS/4 can do 4-5mbps.
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    It's relevant. Being HSPA+ 14.4 means the theoretical max of the 4S is only 14.4mbps (though you will never see that speed in a real world test). That means it is possible to get the 8-10mbps down that you claim.

    The Infuse is HSPA+ 21 capable so that means its theoretical max is 21mbps (also will not be seen in a real world test). This means that if you're in an area where AT&T's signal/data is strong enough for 8-10mbps on a 4S, then you will probably be getting at least 13-16mbps on a HSPA+ 21 capable device.

    This is also the reason why the iPhone 5 has faster HSPA+ speeds than the 4S. The iPhone 5 is capable of HSPA+ 42 (though AT&T's network maxes out at 21) so people with iPhone 5's still receive faster data speeds than someone on a 4S when they are in an HSPA+ area without LTE.
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    I'm guessing he still doesn't understand.
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    OP is complaining of only getting 1mbps in an area where another handset gets 5mbps. These numbers are well within 4S's capabilities.
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    Well, OP probably won't understand the actual explanation (look up W-CDMA spreading codes). Saying that the Infuse (or whatever it was) has a better/faster version of HSPA+ is enough of an explanation

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