UMAX 2100U scanner driver needed...

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by mikebatho, Sep 21, 2004.

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    Anyone know where I can get a driver for my UMAX ASTRA 2100U scanner that mounts in OS X?

    I don't have classic on my machine anymore, and before I look at having to install it I thought I'd try & get hold of a driver that mounts in OSX to use with Photoshop 7....

    Anyone...? :confused:
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    Vue scan...

    trying it now, thank you, sir.....
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    Erm, no.....

    For some reason its not seeing my scanner.....
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    Vuescanmost likely will NOT work. The 2100U is a USB scanner. Vuescan's support page specifically says NO USB scanners from UMAX are supported.
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    He's right y'know....

    it's USB......
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    Looks like you are S.O.L.

    Umax doesn't support it
    VueScan doesn't support it

    Looks like you need a new scanner and don't buy UMAX, they don't think support for OS X is important.
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    I have the same scanner, and I can't get a mac or windows driver. They actually want you to pay for the driver and I just can't see that as right.
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    I'll concur with the above. I sold Macs for a couple of years.... Umax scanners are infamous for having really cool hardware with almost nonexistant drivers. They're worse than Epson is about their printers.
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    Solution (?)

    Seeing how long ago you posted this query, it may no longer be an issue but there is a new 3rd party driver available here:

    After installing, GraphicConverter recognized my UMAX 2100U. Don't forget to install the prefs pane and select your scanner there. I actually couldn't get my scanner to work but I think the driving mechanism has died. It tries to scan but only makes a grinding noise :(
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    I will never buy another Umax scanner. I had a firewire scanner that they continued to sell even AFTER the release of OSX and they never supported the OS even though they advertised mac support. I use vuescan now but it sill pisses me off.
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    I have a UMAX something or other too that I can't get to work in OS X.

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