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(un)funny Switch parody

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by AppleMatt, Aug 12, 2003.

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    I was browsing the Apple discussion forums and came across someone who had a link to a troll picture in his post (how original), so had a look on his site and found;

    (It's big, all dialup users it's a no-go I'm afriad)

    Has anyone seen this before? It's well done but I just wanna punch that guy in the face. My bet is he's never used a Mac and just smells fear...

  2. Wes
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    Re: (un)funny Switch parody

    You may want to put a index.html in your sites folder because if you go to

    You can see all the files in your sites folder. ;)
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    That's not my site, and that's exactly how I got to that movie (I removed the troll.jpeg and looked around).

    But thanks for caring :wink:

  4. Wes
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    Yeah I was confused because on Mr it says you are uk, and the ip is in America Here
    He should do something about it, he has some passwords in there.

    I have seen that switch ad before, I am sure there is a thread about it.
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    It's weird. If you go up a level (just the IP), there's a Unix logo displayed in the upper left corner. There's also a bunch of smaller icons across the top, which behave like a magnifying dock. It's kind of curious, given the mac.mpeg (although I haven't gotten it all downloaded, yet).
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    if it takes more than 5 minutes to get any gray bar in quicktime it aint worth my time :rolleyes: and I am on cable!
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    i'ma downloading it now. i always like to see un-funny switch movies. :D
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    Re: (un)funny Switch parody

    Dude, chill out just a few. That video is a parody. See this page for an explanation, from the people that actually made the video:


    I think it's really funny, and he did a very good job on it. It sounds to me like they actually really enjoy using Macs and were just complaining about a few late nights of frustration he's had.
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    LOL!!! :D

    i love that movie!! it's been posted here before under the heading 'angry mac user', but i guess this is good for people that haven't seen it before. and this version has the site of the guys that made it as well.

    "The Mac *killed* my inner child." LMAO!!! :D :D
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    Re: Re: (un)funny Switch parody

    Err didn't I say all this in my post? That it's a parody? That it's well done?

    The funniest bit is definately where he says about running out to get Norton, which then tells him "Dude, it's a Macinstosh, your file is f**king gone"

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    Re: Re: Re: (un)funny Switch parody

    No, you said you bet he's never even used a mac, and that you wanted to punch him in the face.
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    Re: (un)funny Switch parody

    I knew it was a parody and I stated this in the thread title. I also said it was well done, it was. Just because the link I was given says he uses a Mac, doesn't mean I'll blindly believe it. Maybe he does, but I'm not hunting for proof. Also he annoys me, personal opinion, but he does.

    The Haxial guy claims he uses Macs too.

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    woah! that dude has a girlfriend? :D
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    is that an official "oklahoma state university" page?

    if so, then that is really Bad!
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    Daveman Deluxe

    I watched the video and laughed really hard.

    Then I showed it to my sister and she laughed really hard.

    I'm going to show it to my piano teacher (she has a computer but doesn't really like them) and I bet she'll laugh really hard.

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