Uncharted (PS3)

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by gloss, May 17, 2007.

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    This is one of three or so games that I, the cynical PS3 owner, am actually looking forward to. If Sony can keep giving us titles that look this interesting, there's hope yet.

    Keep it up, Naughty Dog.
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    It does look very cool. The animation range the game has is amazing. I would love more gameplay footage but oh well

    Ratchet and Clank has caught my attention too. The disco ball weapon looks funny as hell. I loved all of them on PS2 and am grinding through the PSP version now.

    edit: Gametrailers.com has some good HD footage of the game and some dev interviews. It looks awesome :)
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    One of those games you say: Jsut wait for this one, and the fanboys say....ahahahahah you keep syaing that.

    This will be one to impress. A definite reason to own a PS3.
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    This would be a reason for me to get a PS3 if I didn't already have one. This general genre (games like PoP, Tomb Raider, etc) is probably my favorite, and this game looks really cool. The PS3 lineup for the rest of the year is looking amazing.
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    Gifs from the latest vids


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    This is just another of the many games I am looking forward to on the PS3. This year is going to be great!
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    Beautiful game and from what I heard and seen....its going to be a blast....Heavenly sword, Ratched & Clank Future, Folklore, MGS4, warhawk(damn i can't wait for this), SOCOM, The Final Fantasy stuff, Home(I'm more impressed by this)

    Its a great time to have a PS3....Calling all cars is a must have for PSN players....its insanely fun.

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    Be sure to sign up at playstation.com for the Warhawk beta. I hope I get chosen for it. On the Full Moon Show they said you get the entire game to test, not just a few maps and such :D

    And I second CaC, it's a blast to play.
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    Beta sign-ups closed over the weekend, I was upset. (went out of town for a few days and came back to find out I missed it)

    btw - devs have said in interviews that the Uncharted DEMO they showed recently at Sony Gamer's Day was too large to fit on DVD.

    CaC is incredibly addictive.
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    Finally got 'round to checking out the video for Uncharted. Went from not having heard much about the game other than a title to 'frothing at the mouth' in mere seconds. :p
    I try not to get too excited by pre-release game video hype, but this game looks freaking awesome, and Naughty Dog hasn't disappointed me yet.
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    To me it looks good but nothing to drool over. I'm looking forward to GTA4, Warhawk, and Blacksite more.
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    You are more excited about blacksite...try out the 360 demo I think you might change your mind.

    I'm ready for some warhawk action now...as time goes by this game looks more and more interesting. I still rather have this game on a disk though but oh well.

    A lot of good games are coming....and I don't have the money to buy all.

    I'm calling all PS3 owners to join in on some CaC online bash...I haven't played anyone except Ed from MR.

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    Mine too! First thing I thought when I saw this was "Tomb Raider with dudes" :p
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    Dude Raider is the nickname the internet has given it.....:p
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    CaC, spelled out to be...? I'd might be interested, my PSN ID is kuebby, same as here, send me a message.
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    Calling All Cars.
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    And now he is too afraid to challenge me at CaC after major Resistance pwnage :) :p

    lol, i am so gonna get nailed to the wall next time he see's me in Resistance

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    ^Now ya done it Ed....I got a hedgehog with your name on it:D

    As sikkinixx said CaC stands for Calling All Cars....one of the best things to come out of the PSN stores since its creation and at $10 you can't go wrong.

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    d-a-m-n :D looking mucho pretty

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    Almost as nice as Crysis :D

    Wish this would come to 360... **sigh**

    Sony actually has some good franchises finally... after buying them out... heh.
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    Sony's First-Party stuff looks awesome this time 'round. If they actually had real 3rd party support they would dominate ...
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    it also needs a multithousand dollar PC to look almost realistic :( I hope it runs well on my SR MBP at the very least
    ^ Too much light bloom or whatever it is on the shed in those pics.
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    Indeed, the PC needed to run that game will be expensive. They are really polishing Drakes game...I'm looking foward to a laura coft type with better fighting mechanics......I hope I see a demo soon.

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    And fewer wildly flailing breasts.

    It's extremely hard to concentrate on the adventure at hand with those things in your face.

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