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Unhappy people with new iPod touch. What do you want?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by hcho3, Sep 1, 2010.

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    I already see people crying about base model is 8GB.

    New iPod touch has

    Retina Display, A4 Chip (1GHZ) and 5 megapixel camera and Front facing camera

    All this for 229 dollars.

    iPod touch is a Mp3 player with music.

    People are crying about GPS. People are crying about camera not taking high resolution pictures.

    Tell apple that you will pay 299 dollars for base model, then apple will give you what you want.
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    A unicorn tracker.
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    The Retina used on the Touch isn't the same as the one on the iPhone, the iPhone one uses IPS technology whereas the iTouch dosen't.

    Plus, the cam isn't 5MP. It's only 960 by 720 :(
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    You can jail break for it, Ok? There is an app for that.
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    But, it captures 720P HD VIDEO?
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    If you wanted to know 960x720 turns out to be .7MP
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    I totally agree with you.. I was expecting flash for the camera.. but really not a big deal. Apple did put out a lot in the iPod Touch and for the price it's reasonable.. I find GPS totally unnecessary in an iPod Touch. But if they ever plan to add it in the future, it's a good bonus ;)
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    at least a decent still pic cam....putting a .7mp cam in a ipod is like putting a 8 track player in a 2011 Bentley
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    Where are you getting this information from?
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    Don't ask me. Ask Jobs.

    He probably wanted to make it as undercut as possible, so he would have something to improve on next year.
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    Don't even get it start about next year. Next year, apple will probably release iPhone 5 with 8 megapixel camera with 1080P recording. When ipod touch goes with 720P HD, people will cry out loud about 1080P.

    Crying. Crying. And even more crying.
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    Other people ;)
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    Pixel count doesn't mean anything in a camera. Pixel quality is far more important.

    Case in point, look at the shots of the iPhone 4 vs. the Evo. iPhone 4 walks all over the Evo, despite having a significantly lower resolution sensor.

    With that said, the new iPod touch is awesome. However, they should have made it thicker and given it the iPhone 4's camera and LED flash and they need to get rid of that stainless steel back.
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    It's pretty damn sexy, although they have a chrome-like back. That's the only thing that pisses me off.
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    It's obvious that apple doesn't want to hurt iPhone 4 sales with iPod touch.
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    Hopefully its a bit cheaper in shops.
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    mostly unhappy about the fail rear cam and the chrome backing. Engadget's hands on you could already see the scratches. Invisible shield is a must for me if I opt to go with the Touch. And no, I don't want a case - why talk about how thin it is if you're gonna slap a case on. I didn't care for a front facing cam at all.
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    Not even 1.3MP! Haha

    But I love it!

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    Other people are wrong... Its the same exact retina display thats on the iphone
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    960x720 is broadcast resolution HD...

    DVCProHD cameras acquire at this resolution and use non-square pixels to make up the 16x9 aspect ratio. Yes, it's a cheat- but it's imperceptible and being progressive alone already makes it leaps and bounds over standard def.
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    Where is my 128GB model?
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    +1 I wanted larger storage, but overall a good update. Although I was expecting and now kind of want-a better rear facing camera. I guess we can't have it all.
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    I really wish they changed the back - my old one is all scratched up. Yes... I know ... Get a case!
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    No it is not, they may share the same resolution and pixel count but they are 2 different display types.

    The iPhone Retina display uses IPS technology for improved contrast and greater viewing angle as well as more vibrant color rendition, the new Touch does not.
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    in-built mic?!

    Does the new iPod Touch have in-built mic? I don't think so reading Apple's website :'(

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