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Unibody iPods??

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mikeinternet, Apr 9, 2009.

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  2. TEG
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    Last time I checked, the iPod nano was a unibody device. It would only be nice on the classic iPod if the bottom was removable like on the nano.

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    I think it's not so much the end design, but the method that is used to produce it.
  4. TEG
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    Right, where they take a blank block and cut it into pieces to create the desired shape. Exactly what the nano appears to be.

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    Looks can be decieving, I hear they are really made out of sundried pineapples.

    Anyway, sounds interesting, Ive always wondered what a tank like classic would feel like.
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    Are the Shuffles unibody?
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    It could bring an end to the endless complaints about the scratchable back. :) But isn't the whole unibody manufacturing process meant to be really expensive?
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    Well the nano doesn't have the stainless steel back, but it does have the plastic top and bottom. Not quite unibody.
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    Tallest Skil

    And the unibody MacBook family has separate parts for their bottoms. It's still one piece.
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    I would think this would actually make it more difficult to machine (and therefore more expensive). Not to mention the problem of fitting in all the circuitry through the opening that will eventually be covered with the screen. I'd actually be really interested to see how they'd do that, and it sounds like this would make repairs a bitch...
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    That doesn't sound like something Apple would do??
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    No, Apple doesn't want to make money since they actually run a charity organization and paying for goods in optional; just walk in and take what you need. :rolleyes:
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    I'm not saying we won't pay for it.
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    I think this is the next ipod classic redesign. Like a slab of aluminum.
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    I think the new iPod Classics might be a bit thinner if they did this. It's still quite thick compared to the rest of the iPod line. I know it has a small-huge HDD and all, but still...
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    That's because it's the only one with a click wheel and a platter based drive...

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