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University Park Village - Fort Worth, TX

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by drumpat01, Jun 13, 2010.

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    Who all is coming? I'll be there and hope to see you all out there! Fort Worth love!
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    I might. I'm upgrading from 3GS to 4. But my problem is I'm an authorized user and I'm scared I can't do it at the Apple Store.
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    Yes you can upgrade at the apple store. you just need the last 4 digits of the social on the account and the billing zip code.
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    Looks like I'm going to the Apple Store to get my iPhone 4. This will be my first Apple Launch! :D
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    Would I be able to upgrade my line using another persons upgrade at the APPLe store or do i need to go to att store.. And aslo what time are yall going to go to the apple store to get in line..
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    I would recommend going to the AT&T store for that.
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    Thanks.. Around what time yall think is good to show up at the ATT STORE ????
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    When the iPhone 3G came out, I got it at the AT&T store near the Hulen Mall and I was there the evening before it came out. I was 2nd in line. More people started showing up around 11 pm.
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    I will be there bright and early with a copy of my reservation in hand.

    This will be my first launch so I was wondering how Apple usually handles it for those with "Reservations" and those without. Do they have different lines or what. I called the store but they were less than helpful.

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    i will be there the second i get out of class on wednesday at baylor, anyone want to wait with me?
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    Yea I was at the ATT store on hulen to.But i got three at 7 am and still was able to get a phone and the line was around the building ..I was thinking of getting there around 3-4
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    I'll be there

    I work at the chilis located across from the apple store, Im friends with several of the employees so I asked them. They told me that the line can not start forming until the close on the 23rd. But the assured me that the line would more thn likely start then. (which is at 8pm) I reserved mine so im for sure getting one. But my father wasn't as lucky, so he will be there too. Actually my whole family will be attending. There's something about being first in line at an apple launch that drives me crazy! Im probably going to get there around 10pm. :cool:
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    The AT&T store on on Bryant Irving didn't really care when the line started. When I got there back in 2008, there was a guy who was already in line for 24 hours. :eek:

    Off topic: Illusion86, Former Chilihead here! #1265, Mineral Wells, TX. :D
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    What happens if you want to go to the bathroom.. HAHAHA Can you and will they hold ur spot ????? jUST WONDERING SEEMS ITS GOING TO BE CRAZY NEXT WEEK
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    Haha, i tried to pre order the phone at the AT&T off camp Bowie, but they said i couldn't use cash or debit card. So i went to apple. Seems like. I made the right choice because they are going to have 55 people working all day there! That means quick in and out :D I got to the AT&T store in 2008 at around 3 am and there were around 20 people in front of me!

    I've worked for chilis now 6 years strong haha
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    So you cant pay with cash or Debit at ATT or just reserve???
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    Haha usually everyones pretty cool! Had no problems running to the gas station last time :p
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    Pretty sure u can pay for it with any form of payment. Just couldn't pre order with cash or debit. Don't know why though
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    Ok thanks... Wanted to go to the APPLE store but heard they have problems when it comes upgrading a line on a family plan..
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    I originally pre-ordered online through AT&T Premier with my Chase Visa Debit card and it went through. I canceled my order though because the Premier Customer Support told me that my phone will be shipping after the 24th.
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    I'm glad to see this little thread has taken off. I was hoping more than 3 of us would be on these forums. See you all there!!
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    I'm sure there is going to be a lot of people at the fort worth apple store. So what time are you guys really going to arrive?
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    No, I have done this every year at the Apple store, but I am the primary account holder, I've witnessed customers be turned away unless the primary account holder is with them. If you want to do an upgrade switching lines on a family plan, you can still buy the phone at Apple, then go to the ATT store and switch the lines, I've done that, too. ATT isn't very busy after they run out of phones! Caveat: they may charge you an extra $18 bucks.

    For instance, 3G launch I had four lines, bought 2 phones on my upgrade eligible lines and activated at Apple. Went across the street to ATT, switched one of the new phones to a different line.

    You guys have fun storming the castle, I'll be at Southlake.
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    So what time is everyone arriving?
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    Im going to the ATT store im going around 3-4 am...

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