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University Special Pricing - $39!!!

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Discussion' started by chickengrease16, Oct 24, 2003.

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    hey, just thought i'd let everyone know ASAP about this...

    i'm a student at Florida State University and i just preordered Panther from our computer store on campus for $39!!! in the box and everything, they're not cheaping out here! the URL so you can see is http://computerstore.fsu.edu

    it's a special pricing going on, but you have to preorder before 8pm tonight, oct. 24.

    Other universities might be doing this too, so make sure you check it out!!!

    with tax and everything it was like $45.88 or something.

    hope this helps!
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    Are you sure they ship outside campus and stuff?
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    no you have to pick it up from the computer store on campus. and you have to be a student there.
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    If you look at the normal Apple store online, $39/each is the price they give for buying a 1000+ set of licenses. FSU must have just purchased a buttload of them at that price and is passing the savings on to their students. Very nice of them. UCF isn't doing the same unfortunately.

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    I didn't see anything about Mac OS X at Valencia CC in Orlando yesterday. The last thing I saw was a 10.1 box at the beginning of summer 2003. :D They did have plenty of boxes of WinXP Pro. Since the whole Graphic Design department runs Macs, you'd think things would be a bit more balanced.

    Obviously, central Floriduh is out of the loop, as usual. :D
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    Pretty amazing. I like K-12 pricing too... even after I graduate, my brother will be able to help me otu, he's younger, lol.
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    that's awesome man. I wish my school occasionally helped out with prices. :rolleyes:

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