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Untitled Hard Drive

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by LunchBox8484, Apr 6, 2006.

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    After installing XP with Boot Camp (awesome, btw), on my OS X desktop there is a harddrive mount containing all the of windows files. It's named Untitled and I can't change it. I tried doing like rename and going through disk ulility, etc. Is there anything I may have missed? Perhaps during installation i got excited and kept hitting the Next button and skipped over the naming it part.
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    Here's a solution. Boot into Windows, open 'My Computer', right click on the C drive and Re-name it, or you can right-click on it and select properties to change the drive label. I re-named mine to Windows. Upon restarting into Mac OS X two drives are now on my desktop, 'Macintosh HD' and 'Windows'. Enjoy :D
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    If you formated the windows Hard drive with FAT (i think thats whats its called but i am really not sure) then you can add files to it. I just ignoe it, it does not bother me, if you need to transfer files use an external HD or a cd/dvd.
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    He's not talking about transfering files he's just talking about editing the drive name. You can do this if you formated your hard drive as FAT32 or NTSF under the My Computer window in Windows XP.
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    where exactly?
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    What do you mean "where exactly"??
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    The 2nd post gave a solution to his problem
    nuff said
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    yeah misread it sorry!

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    Sweet thanks for the info, I was gonna ask the same question.
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    Thanks, I've wondered this ever since I first installed XP in BootCamp.
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    Wow! Old thread! Well, since it's been brought up...

    I remember someone once posted a guide on how to change the Windows drive icon from the default hard drive icon to whatever you wanted. I think it involved a flash drive?
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    You can change it the same as you'd change any icon... Get Info on it, then drag an icon file (.icns) over the icon in the top left of the Get Info window.
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    Let me guess, you run XP 32-bit? Or perhaps you don't run Windows/Boot Camp at all?

    You might want to actually check your facts first before you give advice.
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    That is true. I read it here somewhere, just never tried it.
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    Were we not trying to change the icon of the Windows partition while in OS X? Or were we trying to change it in Windows? If the latter, then I must have misunderstood what was trying to be accomplished. If the former... well, what I wrote worked for me, though I do run XP 32-bit with Boot Camp (I don't see how this would make a difference though...).
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    If someone knows how, I'd love to know how to change the icon!
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    Found it myself (via Google).

    Basically you take your FAT32 formatted flash drive, change it's icon to whatever you want the Windows hard drive icon to be, and then copy the files listed above. Here's the same answer only stated differently:

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    The difference is that your BC partition is probably FAT32, and so is writable from OS X. If it's NTFS and you don't have MacFUSE or anything else that lets you write to the NTFS drive, you need to write to the drive in Windows like Stridder44 describes.

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    Ah, that would be it... it's NTFS, but I have NTFS-3G installed.
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    Awesome! Thanks! Did a little google searching but most of the posts only worked with FAT32 partitions. :)

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