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Up to 5 Apple TVs can sync with Itunes at same time

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by smythey, Mar 15, 2007.

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    Up to 5 Apple TVs can sync with Itunes at the same time....

    Anybody know if this has been mentioned elsewhere?
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    Not quite what Steve said in the keynote. Up to five :apple: TVs can stream protected content from an iTunes library, but only one can sync content to its local drive if I remember correctly.
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    My understanding was that each Apple TV will connect to (stream from) up to five different computers -- but will only sync with one.


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    I use a MacPro to sync 5 atv's. I stream 9 atv's from this MacPro. You can only sync 5 at a time. I am using new Airport Extreme. It is incredible to play the same movie on 5 atv's at the same time and in different places within this same movie. Over five going at once starts stuttering/freezing.
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    Do you mind me asking why you have so many :apple: TV's?
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    I am shocked that anyone would wonder why I use 9 atv's :) . . . . . 9-room B&B inn.
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    Thanks. I was wondering about this - I had asked in a previous post.

    For church - just put :apple:TV's in the classrooms, and all the DVD lessons on a server. We no longer have to worry about lending out the DVDs and having the originals get lost, "borrowed", or broken...

    Did you need something as powerful as a Mac Pro or can we use a Mini with a very large external FW drive? I plan to mainly stream to maybe 4 at the same time...
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    I accidently ordered a second ATV and was going to send it back before I started using the first one I decided to keep it for my Basement HT.

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