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Upcoming Apple Stores...

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. arn
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    eyelikeart notes that Apple is looking for jobs in these locations:

    Wellington Green, FL
    Peabody-Northshore Mall, MA
    Short Hills, NJ
    Atlanta, GA
    White Plains, NY
    Towson, MD

    aztec reports that the Lenox Square store in Atlanta will be open May 11th, 2002 on the upper level near Rich's.

    and Aghogho states I just got back from the Roosevelt Mall in Long Island and saw that there was an Apple logo right next to the FAO Schwarz. I spoke to one of the guys working in there and he told me that the Apple store will be up and ready by mid June.
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    to add to the list we have a mall here in st. louis that is reopening this september and the local newspaper said apple computer was one of the tenets but i doubt they will open with the mall in september
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    :eek: I don't think anyone cares anymore...but I'll post anyway...

    got another email from Apple for jobs:

    Sacramento, CA
    Santa Clara Valley, CA
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    OK, here's a real winner suggestion for Apple locations:

    1. Palm Springs! The desert has a half million people in it at any point counting tourists who heavily flock the downtown 111 strip.. and nowhere in the entire desert empire (Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Desert Hot Springs, 29 Palms (military), Idle wild or anywhere around them!) is there a single Apple dealer even! Prime target!! Also, considering how that area is a playground for Hollywood celebs and the rich and retired, I think that the economics of it are pretty much guaranteed better than equal density areas elsewhere..
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    Would love to see one in Rockville Maryland

    Having to cross the Potomac River is difficult during all but the best of times except early Saturday and Sunday morning and driving 40 miles to Towson is just too far. If they opened in Rockville Maryland that would really be nice. We have a William and Sonoma whose next door neighbor just vacated and a Fresh Fields in the same mall, which is a very similar setup to Clarendon. One begins to wonder!
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: Would love to see one in Rockville Maryland

    Where do you live? I'm happy with the Clarendon Store, but I agree with the traffic issue. However, if you get there early it would be worth the trip. It not like you'd have to go every day,unless you plan on working there.

    To have another Apple Store in the DC metro area might happen someday, but just be thankful you already have 3 to choose from. Some people have nothing close by. I'd like to see Apple fill in the holes before they start saturating our market here.
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    I agree...I live in Rockville. The point is though why did they place both stores in Virginia? I think one should have been in Virginia, and one in Maryland to give better coverage. Having both stores within minutes of each other IMHO was a bad move.
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    VA - MD stores

    With the additional store in Towson, MD won't that make 3 stores in the Beltway area? Apple must really want to flood that area with product and converts.
    1. Claredon - Arlington, VA
    2. Tyson's corner - Mclean, VA
    and now Towson, MD...

    They're not too far from each other compared to other parts of the country. There are NO Apple stores in the Philly area yet and this is a heavily populated area...esp w/ techies. There is a store that sells Apple products in Philly but it isn't an official Apple Store.
    Just an observation...
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    Houston Texas is the 4th largest city in the USA, and I don't think there is an Apple store there.
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    Mr. Anderson

    The DC market is also the Government Market.

    Now why wouldn't they want to a flood here?
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    there's an awful lot of commerce taking place in DC...lots of opportunities as far as I'm concerned...

    maybe they think they can take the government away from Microsoft?? :rolleyes:
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    Mr. Anderson

    I don't think that will ever happen, however, Tyson's Corner was one of the only two stores to open the first day. They have put a priority on it to possibly make a bunch of converts. It was a pretty big deal in the media at the time.

    The mysteries of Apple marketing are beyond us mere mortals to fathom.:D
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    Apple should make their stores worldwide
    I.E Europe, Asia, Australia
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    Lucky you... you get two stores.
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    mac15, I would love to see an apple stores here in Australia too... When saying this, you have to remember that Apple sells more Macs in San Francisco (excl. Bay Area) than they do to Australia & New Zeland combined. Australia is not a big market for Apple and I don't think it ever will be...
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    anyone kno what its like to work in a retail store...i applied for the one in short hills for a partime job cause i'm bitch broke.........if anyone knows what starting pay, work hours, and perks;) :) are like please lemme kno
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    I agree for a few reasons. First, it's hard to find a long enough extension cord to use a computer out in the bush, and second, the kangaroos hands just don't work well with the current keyboards.
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    Re: job

    Man, I sure hope your grammer, spelling and style were better on your resume or you'll continue to be bitch a** broke.
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    I think Apple got a little scared by all the rednecks in TX (j/k) ;)...

    I wonder how many Mac's are purchased in New England... now that Maine has placed their order for the school system :D... Those nuts down east :D
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    Re: Re: job

    most definately....it prob isn't THAT good...but still it does the job...:D
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    Re: Re: Re: job

    It screams of your moronic intelligence... Use something more like English then slang and you MIGHT gain some respect here... Then again, you can never make a first impression again. Dude, you are screwed (in more ways then one it looks like).

    I bet you come from 'deliverance' country too.
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    Apple store in Pacific NW

    I think that it is way past time that Apple opened a store in the Seattle area. There does not seem to be any in the Pacific North West.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: job

    Whoa, AlphaTech, who startched YOUR shorts???

    and Mcrain... "grammer"??? Before you start giving someone else crap about their spelling and grammar, you might want to check your own first.... :rolleyes:
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    Also, Alpha, it's "use something more like English THAN slang" not THEN. Same with "more ways THEN one". Who's from deliverance country? :D
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    As a newbie to this list, I apologize in advance if this is an old topic. What are the chances of an Apple store opening in New Orleans? As it is, the closest stores are in TN or TX, both 10+ hours away by car. I realize New Orleans isn't as upscale as Apple might like, but some sections come close. And a spot near or in the French Quarter would get everyone's attention each year at Mardi Gras. What do you'all think?

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