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Upcoming Apps thread

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by EmptyPockets, Jul 11, 2008.

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    lets start a thread for all of the "Coming Soon" applications out there.

    When will I be able to copy and paste? send a picture message?


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    Adium may develop an app after the SDK is released as they have to release the source code under GPL agreements but the source code cannot be released under Apple agreements while using the SDK beta.


    i also havent seen Spore in the App Store which will not doubt be an exciting and expected release.
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    I believe Spore is said to be coming out in September.

    I'm never really sure when to talk about my own apps on here but I have a few...

    I suppose I'll just talk about the one that should be on today or real soon since it was submitted early this week.

    It will give you the nutritional information of different restaurants. So you pick your restaurant and you get their menu and then you can also add it to your "plate" which can store things maybe such as... A burger, fries, a drink and a dessert. Then it will add together all of those nutritional facts for you. I'll attach a couple screenshots to give you better ideas.

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    MobileScrobbler is coming soon, and I'm crossing fingers for a fast Peggle release!
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    anyone else drooling over the possibility of a slingbox app?
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    That would sure be nice!!!

    I wonder how likely it is.

    I was also hoping for a fish aquarium app. With just basically a video of fish swimming around. Really lame and useless, but would be kinda cool...
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    Byline – a Google Reader client with offline browsing – should be out within the next day or so.


    (Full Disclosure: I wrote this app.)

    EDIT: Available now.

    EDIT: Screencast available.
  9. JNB
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    Now that's a nice app. Plan on having anything beyond FF, like major "casual dining" places, such as Applebee's, etc., or even slightly above that level, like Macaroni Grill, et al?
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    Still would like to know what happened to Makayama's Voice Dial.
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    iCall, a VOIP app, should be coming soon, but the developers haven't given us any sort of release date.
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    Has anyone got any idea when there'll be an MSN messenger app?
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    This would be the only app I would need.. lol
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    As a "portly" individual who's trying to lose weight, this will live on my iPhone.

    What he said, how expansive will the database be?
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    That would be awesome. I would also love a native app that allows me to stream or download music from itunes on my mac at home.
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    You mean something like Orb? There was a rumor that they were developing one.
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    Someone should have made a free "Activation Report" app that would grab an iPhone's location and upload that and the time to a web server which would keep a count and show a global map of all activations. I'm not sure if it could show 3G activations separately or just all iPhone 2.0 activations...

    I'd bet most iPhone users would want to participate. Would Apple allow it?
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    When I submitted it to the app store I submitted it with only a few restaurants since I did promise 10 extra restaurants a month. So I believe the submitted version has Arbys, Chilis, Jimmy John's, Olive Garden, Ruby Tuesday's, Taco John's and Wendy's. Now I have even more ready to deploy and the moment it hits the app store an update will be ready and here should be everything that's ready for that update:
    Burger King
    Dairy Queen
    Jimmy John's
    Olive Garden
    Red Lobster
    Ruby Tuesday's
    Taco John's

    Also, we've been encouraging people to submit ideas for restaurants to be added. So any that you feel should make it on there ASAP send us an email and we'll be sure to get it on there right away!

    We promised 100 by the end of 2008 but I am thinking I will bump that waaaaay up. So far this week we've completed almost 10 restaurants nutritional facts, and starting next week we will be pounding even more into it, so I'd expect weekly updates through about mid-August adding 10-15 restaurants every time. We may even shoot for as many as 200 by the end of 2008, which, when you think about it, is a lot!

    This app was inspired by someone who has diabetes, but can serve so many purposes. I hope it helps you become more healthy, we're going to post more health tips on our website very soon. Just about anyone in the world could be more health (Including myself!) so it never hurts to have some reminders!
    Like I said above, the database will include only 15-20 places when you actually buy it, but we're committed to including everything we can and if you feel something is left out you let us know and we'll add it as soon as we can.

    Also, every update for more restaurants will be free, so in a sense you're buying into the system and you can even suggest restaurants that are very localized to your area, we have no problem trying to get those in, too!
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    I would love a slingbox app, but I heard rumors that apple wouldn't accept it because it would be too resource intensive. They should at least make it available to be used over wifi if they think it would take too much data for edge/3g.
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    should have been one at launch. hopefully soon.
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    Adium will be better. i know which developer i would rather rely on!
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    should be coming soon.
    I want a MS office app and video recording app and im sold on this phone
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    i wouldnt count or rely on Microsoft releasing these^
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    Buschmaster, that is a terrific app. A lot of us try to eat healthy, but it's so tough with all of the garbage being served. Thank you and my fiance and myself will be some of the first to buy it.

    How about Jason's Deli, Jersey Mike's, and In-N-Out (I would be in such bad shape if I lived on the West Coast)? What email address can we send local suggestions to? Thanks again!


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