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Upcoming Chinao Vaja Agenda clone for iPad 2

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by sotie, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. sotie, Apr 25, 2011
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    I just got in some sneak peek pictures for the upcoming Vaja Agenda clone from Chinao for iPad 2. I'm really excited about this one because it's a slim design and doesn't cover the bezel.

    I have been told that they will be ready for purchase soon. Supposedly, there will be both leather and synthetic-leather offerings. There will be a magnet for smart sleep/wake.

    There is also a chance that there will be a different "cover" than the pictures I received. They might also be doing a tri-fold cover just like the smart cover which would be incorporated into the same case. I hope they go with a tri-fold cover because the design in these pictures doesn't look like it will provide a typing position.

    I'll be receiving pictures of the final design late this week and hopefully the case will be available for purchase soon after.












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    Well butter my biscuits, I want that one!

    I'd prefer a black one, I think... but yeah, definitely looking forward to whatever they'll end up finalizing.
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    I was told to expect to see it in black, brown and possibly more colors.
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    Price ?
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    it's 49.95 USD on their website.
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    Looks nice folded, but rather wonky as a stand.
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    Yeah, I agree it's kinda odd how it folds into a stand, but this is one of the better looking knock offs of the Vaja agenda. I'm impresseed, it looks good and every thing looks to line up. I haven't been to their website, but is the $49.00 price tag for the synthetic leather?
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    I want one plz :)
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    nice... looking forward to seeing the tri-fold ones...
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    Does anybody know what the weight of the case is likely to be?

    I'm expecting delivery of a Toblino 2 in the next few days but would be interested to see how this weighs up?
  11. kayjay, Apr 26, 2011
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    I've been waiting for this one to come out! Really hope they do a tri-fold, though. I'm not crazy about this design. But if they do a tri-fold in genuine leather, and in colors other than black, I'm definitely ordering at least one.
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    Definitely hoping for a tri-fold in black.
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    What is their website? I can't find it.
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    As I stated in my first post it has not been released yet.
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    Want one, whats the link.
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    Here's 50$...take my wallet... here's the pin to my bank account... gimme one!
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    Ok wow...I want this...did I make a mistake in ordeirng a Toblino instead?
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    It is just me or cant these case companies figure out to put a matching colored screen or mesh material over the speaker cutout to let the sound pass through without a problem yet give the case a nicer finish?
  19. skids929, Apr 26, 2011
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    Wait, how is this a vaja agenda "clone" when it folds up completely differently?

    I demand a retraction. ;)

    But seriously, this case is NOTHING like the Vaja Agenda..Nothing. The current and previous Agendas fold up with the cover being the stand support.

    With all due respect, this case sucks for one reason. You have to un hook it out of the bezel surround. Worse than the 2 prongs of the Toblino 2 if you ask me.

    There are waaaaaaaay better options at the $50 price point than this jokester.
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    skids929... You know you're right! :D

    I was told this would be a Vaja clone of their iPad 1 case and was so excited to see these pictures I forgot that the stand portion is different! However, the "tray" portion that the ipad sits in does remind me of the Vaja case. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about for reference...


    I do still like the style though and it doesn't look to me as if you would have to "unhook" anything to stand it up. I do see hooks on the bezel but those only appear to me to be for the portion that doesn't open up when in the stand position.
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    Nothing like a Vaja Agenda or a Vaja Libretto. More like a Toblino or a Noreve.

    Get your standing types straight OP.
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    I don't know abut anybody else but I'm so sick of seeing the cases like this where the cover doubles as a stand base. I've seen like 4-5 cases I would pick up in an instant but this is the reason I don't.

    For now I'm patiently waiting for a nice case that has the tri-fold, slim back protection, and sleep/wake feature without adding much weight / thickness
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    I assume you mean something like the smart cover? iFrogz is coming out with a "backbone" that will compliment the smart cover if thats your bag. Or you just put a skin on it with the smart cover.
    I personally don't love folio cases either, particularly this type in this thread. But the Smartcover is really awful IMO, unless you had something complimentary to cover the back.
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    I just took a look at the iFrogz website. I think the backbone looks really nice. Do you know what material it's made of? All I could find there is a picture displaying the design and 12 available colors. I hope they offer leather.
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    Not sure I bet it's plastic..Shoot em a line, I am curious too.

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