Upcoming iTunes 11 Update to Restore Duplicate Search, Fix Album Art and Movie Streaming Bugs

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    In his review of iTunes 11, AllThingsD's Walt Mossberg notes that Apple is preparing a minor update to address several issues with the initial release of the software. Among the changes included in the update will be the return of a feature that allows users to find duplicate songs in their libraries.
    Mossberg also reports that Apple has no intention of bringing back the Cover Flow view of album art, with the company finding that few users were interested in it and the new Expanded View offering a fresh take on integrating large album art into library browsing.

    Article Link: Upcoming iTunes 11 Update to Restore Duplicate Search, Fix Album Art and Movie Streaming Bugs
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    At least they're small bugs unlike good old maps.
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    cover flow = skeumorphism, its on its way out then...

    itunes 11 design / UI could be the basis for OS X 10.9, which is good imo
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    I want to be able to re-size my album artwork :(

    I don't understand why they felt the need to remove that feature.
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    Will it be disappearing from other places? Short list of places I've seen it outside of iTunes:
    - iAd Producer
    - Finder
    - iOS Music App (if you hold it in landscape)
    - Desktop Safari Bookmarks/History page (this is actually a good idea, but it seems that sometime within the last few months Google results have completely F'ed up history... in the page they show up as empty frames and in the history menu it's garbled up Google URLs. IDK if it's Safari 6 or some recent changes to Google that rendered history borderline useless if you do a lot of Google searches – and who doesn't?)
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    Why dont they upgrade the sound engine too so that we can stop using applications like Amarra or PureMusic in order to get some descent sound quality?
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    Hope they fix TV Series Artwork. Currently if you have multiple season of the same series iTunes 11 only displays the artwork for the first season which ever episode / season you are viewing. This seems unique to iTunes 11 and Apple TV still shows the correct artwork, would be good to have the unique artwork relevant to the season re-instigated in an iTunes 11 update.
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    Has anyone been able to find if there is still a way to sort by the most recently added music? that is probably the most or 2nd most common way i sorted my music. if i buy a bunch of new stuff and just want to listen to it, i just want to sort that way and not have to create a "new" play list for it.
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    What about the getting the search field to finally filter audiobooks when selecting a particular book to be synced to a connected iOS device? This has been bugging me for years. When typing something in the search field, it will filters books, but does not filter audiobooks.
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    If anyone finds out I'd sure like to know. This was how I sorted my music most often.
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    Not to derail the thread, but can you teach me what you mean by this? I wasn't aware that there were apps that had better sound quality than iTunes. Or, put another way, I didn't realize that iTunes had bad sound quality (unrelated to inherent mp3-type issues). I'm quite curious. Thanks.
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    Sweet. Although not sweet because cover flow isn't back. Although it would nicer if there were more way to change the global settings of the podcast.
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    It's still got the "Recently Added" smart playlist.
  14. zin
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    Different seasons of the same TV show show up separately in my iTunes library, with their unique season artwork.
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    In song view, right clicking and adding the "Date Added" column allows for this. Is that not what you meant?
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    How about also bringing back the cover art on the bottom left??? :mad:
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    I'm probably the minority, but I used coverflow when listening to music on my computer. I liked being able to glance at my screen to see what album was playing when I shuffled my music. Also, they have gotten rid of the now playing window in the lower left. I used this for two things. First: Like coverflow, I was able to see what album was being played. 2: When adding new artwork to tracks (I prefer to add my own artwork), I could just drag and drop the artwork into this window and add it to multiple tracks at once. This option is now gone. Now I have to select each track individually, go to info, select artwork tab and add it. That is a pain in the buns when adding multiple tracks to my library. Does anyone know of another way?
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    Snake oil for suckers.
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    No, I don't think it's skeumorphism, but I can't say that I'll miss it either.
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    You can still do this under Song view... Just right click on the top bar and select either "date added" or "date modified".
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    Cover Flow no loss

    Wow, am I glad to see Cover Flow gone. I found it to be one of the least usable UI developments of recent years. It read to me, from day one, as a hardware/OS showcase with little practical utility.
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    yes but if u click on them in album view the background doesnt change. like i got season 1-5 of friends and if i click from 1 to 4 i still see the background color of season 1
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    Yes, you can still do this. It must be done in "song view", and if you don't see the date added column, you must hover your cursor over one of the existing column headers like artist or name, and then right click and you'll see other options that you can add like date added and bit rate etc.

    They sure hid it, but you can definitely get it back.
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    "Among the changes included in the update will be the return of a feature that allows users to find duplicate songs in their libraries"

    Phew! That was holding me back from updating.

    My kids are not going to be happy about the lack of cover flow though. It's how my 3 year old chooses what to listen to.
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    Hope they fix the bug where the column browser selection is not persistent when switching back and forth between views.

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