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update 6.0, what do we UK'ers get

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by MrMister111, Sep 27, 2013.

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    We in UK are getting less and less content from Apple TV. We seem to be getting left behind compared to USA with content, is anyone else feeling this?

    What has the newest update added for us here in UK?
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    In a word, nowt.

    I realise that Apple can't really be expected to produce region-specific apps, but I'd really like to see BBC iPlayer implementation on the ATV, even if just to show they haven't forgotten about us. or open up the box so that developers can do the work for them.

    As it is, I'm giving serious thought to getting a WD or Roku for TV streaming. My next TV device will almost certainly not be an ATV.
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    I love my apple black boxes.
    We have 3 dotted Round the house, most important
    One being a jailbroken atv 2 in the living room.

    We also got The now TV box to supplement the apple box
    As netflix does not allways satisfy.

    For a tenner you can't go wrong

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    It's not like the US is getting a lot of premium content. ESPN and the Disney channels require a cable subscription. The sports apps are nice but almost all of them black out your local teams. Until there is a real App Store, they will continue to add marginal channels or channels that require a cable subscription.

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