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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by aicul, Sep 20, 2013.

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    I'm updating appleTV and get this ???


    Do I need to connect appleTV to a computer that is in a different room? What cable ?

    I really don't understand this !

    This image appears after pass 2 of 2 in the appleTV update available today
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    Looks like you need to connect your atv to your computer using a micro USB cable.
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    Yes this happened to me too

    I have a few micro usb cables laying around

    So I had to connect the Apple TV to my computer using the micro usb cable and do a restore
    You might also need to have the power cable also while doing this
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    Still surprised apple expects me to have

    1. Obtuse cable to recover
    2. Proximity of computer

    Appletv is a tv thing and the above are not what i have in living room.

    Disgusted at this ridiculous choice of apple. Their updates should either work, or a less pathetic solution should be choosen for recovery . Like a reset button.
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    Maybe on the next Apple TV

    For now get a micro usb cable



    Or just knock on your neighbors house I'm sure somebody has an android or kindle device you can borough there cable for 10 minutes
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    Which version of the :apple:TV do you have? It may not be needed for all versions of the device.
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    I got the cable from a friend, moved my imac out of the office

    Did the update with no improvement

    I even got my own ispw file and tried that nothing

    Come-on apple, write ipdates that work, and don't expect people to have cables/computers
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    You need to also connect the apple TV power cord when u connect to the computer

    And not all micro usb cables work , read the reviews before u buy , the first cable I tried did not work

    I'm used to all this because I had a jailbroken Apple TV 2 a few years back
    But for somebody who's never done this I can see why is a pain
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    The update process goes well according to apple. So the cable seems to work.

    Yes, the power cable is connected.

    And yes this is a recovery process that even microsoft would master better
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    This happens with every Apple TV release with a lot of customers. I don't know why Apple still hasn't gotten around to fixing it. It shouldn't fail as often as it seems to do but it does. Sure, it isn't that complicated to hook it up to iTunes but that should only be needed in rare cases.
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    So what exactly is the problem your having ?
    The update is not working after you connect to your computer ?
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    I like the word rare

    And please define difficult for an old person when it involves moving a computer and plugging minute cables into sockets.

    Again appletv is a tv thing not an xbox or other tech gadget.

    Here apple is just a big zero in both choice of options and their implementation. Wonder what steveJ would say if this happened to him.
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    What? This happens every release even when Jobs was alive. The Apple TV is well known for having high failure rates for updates. I never said it should be happening but it does.
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    Relax, i was just wondering what he would say if his appletv failed and was faced with this dismal recovery process
  15. Cell-666, Sep 20, 2013
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    I've just had the same problem with my first ATV I've updated, never had this before in the few years I've had my four units. The one that has cocked up is the 1080 version. Just updated one of my other three 720 ones see if it does the same.

    Bit of a neck ache sorting this crap out. As someone said, it's fine and dandy if your a tech head to sort it out, but if your using a unit as a standalone device, such as my 74 year old mother who doesn't have a desktop they are totally screwed.

    Anyone mention post PC?
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    I share your thoughts
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    I got excited when I found this phone charger. I then went to plug it in my computer and noticed it had 2 prongs on the end. Fail. Now my Apple TV shall sit for a while.

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    So, how can a ATV user fix this problem if they don't have a desktop running iTunes. Seems Apple have cocked up big time?
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    You could go to the Apple Store. Let them restore your ATV.
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    Dealing with the same **** right now. Found an old microusb cable that went to my harmony remote and hooked that baby up. Now appletv is hooked up to my computer but still. What if I didn't have a micro USB cable? Am I expected to just go out and buy one just so I can update my damn appletv? How can they really expect that and not include a USB cable in the box? What if I didn't have a laptop at all? What if it was broken or I was an iPad only person?

    I...just don't understand it. Isn't appletv meant to be a standalone product? Like I buy it for my living room and it just does it's own thing? I mean ****. It's hooked up to the entire net for christsake.

    It's weird because it looked like I download the update on the Apple TV and it went through the whole "preparing update" thing before just going to that "hook up to iTunes" screen. Oh well...here's to hoping it all updates ok
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    Did you also connect the power cord of the Apple TV while connect to the computer ?
    You have to do that

    I think there should be a sticky in this section explaining how to restore Apple TV using iTunes
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    My problem now is that even after having the cable, the relocated office mac in the living room, and the powered up appletv and tried the recovery.... It stays un recovery mode.

    So this does not work !!!
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    This has just happened to THREE of my 3rd Gen AppleTVs but not my one AppleTV 2. Incredibly frustrating to have to restore and then completely re-setup all of these systems. Not the first or even the second time an AppleTV update has caused a problem like this for me.
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    I had this problem as well. One tip is to make sure you update to the latest version of itunes on the computer before you do the restore otherwise the Apple TV update won't verify.

    If you are after a micro usb to usb cord look in the box/cables that came with your digital camera, kids electronic toys, sat nav, old sony minidisc player, obsolete blackberry, webcam etc. I think I have 10 of them...
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    Left my appletv in unrecevered mode. This morning it was recovered! Makes me believe the prob was related to activation... And yesterday new iphones went on sale.

    If correct this is dismal of apple to not be able to support the activation loads.

    About the cables, the approach. Its not if this can be found from neighbours, shops, etc. its that it is just ridiculous. Would you accrpt that from your coffe machine?

    And legally, it should be noted on the box. As a customer i am entitled to information BEFORE purchase

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