Upgrade delimma: 1GB or 512MB?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by sigamy, Aug 4, 2004.

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    I need help deciding. I currently have:

    17" FP iMac 1GHz G4 with 512mb + 256MB for 768mb total
    12" iBook 800mhz G4 with 128mb

    I need to upgrade the RAM in the iBook to make it usable. I will not be purchasing a 256mb module, just doesn't make sense. So, should I stay within my budget and just pick up a 512mb module for the iBook for around $100? Or should I take the 512mb SODIMM out of my iMac, put that in the iBook and then spend $260 ($160 more) for a 1GB module for the iMac?

    How much of a difference will I see in the iMac going from 768mb to 1.25gb? I'm not a big power user but around 4 times a year I do a marathon video editing session where I take footage of the kids and make a few DVDs. Generally I just use Office, web, email, and iLife apps. I know that DVD encoding will not speed up with more RAM.

    So, being that I need to spend at least $100 is it worth spending the extra $160 to get the 1gb for the iMac?

    Any thoughts?
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    Take the 512MB module out of your iMac and put it in your iBook, and get a 256MB module to put in it in place of the 512MB.

    That way you'll have

    iBook: 640MB
    iMac: 512MB

    That's probably the most cost-concious solution.
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    even better, take the 512 out of iMac when you are not doing heavy stuff and leave it in the iBook. when you want to edit the video on the iMac, swap it back in?

    if you've been tolerating iBook with 128, then i think you can manage to do web/email and word with 256 on the iMac..?
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    Thanks guys. Maybe the 256mb for the iMac isn't a bad idea but I really didn't think of going backwards at all.

    I'm willing to spend the $100 to get the iBook up to 640mb and keep the iMac at 768mb. I really like the iMac where it is--it is my everyday machien and I think I'll notice the drop in RAM there.

    And I haven't be dealing with the iBook at 128mb. I haven't used it yet--it is basically useless with 128mb under Panther.

    So, any opinons on taking the iMac from 768mb to 1.25gb? Is it "worth" it?
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    Woah... don't swap the RAM back and forth between computers... that's just silly... RAM isn't a floppy disk... just get yourself another 512 chip. If you're fine with your iMac's current performance a 512 is all you'll need. However... if you want to bump up your iMac you can get them both bummped up by putting your old 512 in your iBook and getting the 1GB for your iMac... I don't think you'll notice too terribly much for difference however in day to day usage... only during crunch times if you consider yourself to have those.
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    If you're using it every day and you're conformable with it, I really don't think it's "worth it" to upgrade the iMac. You'll just be spending extra money that you may notice four times a year. Put the money into the iBook.
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    Why not just buy the 1 gig and stick it in your iBook? Muwahahahahahahah, the power!!! :cool: :D

    Actually, I would buy the 1 gig for the iMac and throw the 512 in the iBook. 1.25 gigs of ram is niiiiiiiiiiiiice (my PB LOVES it).
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    i only recommended swapping because he said about 4 times a year for video editing... no, i wouldn't do that on even weekly basis, say...
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    baby duck monge

    is the type of RAM used by the ibook even the same as the RAM that is in the imac? this would be something to look into before you thought about moving RAM from one computer to the other, and it seems unlikely that the laptop would use the same memory as the desktop...
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    i am not sure about the exact RAMs, but iMac's swappable RAM is the SO-DIMM, same as the ones used for laptops. the small base profile necessitated the use of slim outline RAMs...
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    id get the new ram for the iBook. once you get around or above 1 GB of ram, the only time you notice it is when you are putting large loads on the computer (like the 4 times a year you say) i really dont think the money would be worth a couple seconds saved only 4 times a year. if you needed that much power 4 times a week, id say do it, but 4 times a year doesnt seem like much!
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    Where would he buy the 1gig chip?

    I'm thinking of upgrading my iMac 20", and looked at Crucial and the Apple store, and did not see the 1 gig stick.
    I currently have 256+512....
    I'm assuming I can't take out the 256, and just pop in another 512, because the 256 is built in?
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    Well, you're SORTA right. The 256MB built-in chip can be accessed, but it'll sure as hell void your warranty, so I don't reccomend it. :p

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