Upgrade G3 or go G4?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Bobdude161, Mar 25, 2006.

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    Hello again, I have a beige G3/266 Mhz PowerMac with 256 MB RAM and lookin to upgrade. I got about a $300 budget and wonderin if it's smarter to upgrade a G3 or buy a used G4. I'm been doin some pricing on upgrading and so far I've have a plan of getting a 900 Mhz CPU upgrade (PowerLogix PowerForce G3/1GHz (1000MHz) ZIF), 512 RAM upgrade (total of 640 replacing two 64 MB RAM sticks) and a 120 gig HD. I was lookin on eBay and G4s are sellin from $200 or so with a little less Mhz, ram and storage space. I dunno if an upgraded G3 is more cost efficient than just buyin a G4. I don't know, what's yer opinion?
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    I'd go with an AGP G4. Just pop a GeForce 2/Radeon 7500/GeForce 4 and you get wonderful Quartz Extreme and G4 power. You can sell the beige and add some more cash to your purchase. You're almost in Mac Mini territory too.

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    sell and upgrade

    id say sell the beige, pool a little more cash and get a refurb mini out of the deal
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    $429 for the refurbished Mac mini 1.25GHz with 512 MB of RAM from Apple. You can try Craigslist or ask around here when you're ready.
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    I'm with others; it's not worth upgrading the G3. Go G4; it really won't be that much more expensive, and will be a whole lot better of an experience.
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    very cool, I really appreciate yalls help. I guess upgrading a G3 may seem cool to do, but it now seems kinda illogical. I didn't even think about the Mini. I just looked at MacTracker and was blown away by it's specs. Shoveling a little bit more dough will mos def be worth it. Lets just hope my PSP will sell nicely when I post it on eBay. As for selling my G3, I never give up a Mac. They're hard to let go of :D unlike a PeeCee
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    G4, G5 or Intel.....G3 = VERY No No ;)

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