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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mulo, Jan 22, 2011.

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    so I have this powermac g5 dual 1.8 ghz, it came out in 2003 the first g5, and i was wondering if i can buy the cpu module from a quad g5, late 2005 and put it in there?
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    No you cant, the G5 Quad used a LCS (Liquid Cooling System) and isnt compatible with your Air-Cooled G5. (Not only that, but the CPUs insides are different enough it wouldnt work anyway). Id recommend purchasing either a Quad G5 or early Mac Pro if you need a Power Boost. (Or any modern intel Mac, which will run circles around just about any G5).
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    Why would you even consider investing that kind of money in old tech? For that kind of money you can buy a reasonably new refurbed quad core iMac that would blow the G5 away.
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    i wouldn't, i'd go to the dump and ask them to hold all macs for me.
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    And do you think you'd be the only one there looking for parts? What do you think the odds are that you'd find something like this in working condition?
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    how about we get back on topic, will it work?
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    Unless you replace the motherboard, processor unit and probably also the case and fan assemblies (To support the LCS), no it wont.
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    No way to upgrade like that- the boards are quite different, and even the cases aren't identical. The quad has an entirely different power supply too.
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    ooh yes I forgot about the different PSU with the little liquid catcher...
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    It is even difficult putting a new 1,8GHz CPU in your Mac.
    I know someone who does these kind of repairs quiet often and he is very handy. He said that the Macs he had repaired so far always had some other problems later, because you have to calibrate the new CPU, after changing. For this you need the Apple Diagnostics Tool CD, that only Apple Techs possess (having this CD, not being and Apple Tech is illegal by the way... I heard).

    I do not have experience on this and am only saying what others say!
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    What this actually translates as (this is from a lawyer friend I just emailed, so take this with a pinch of salt as it was written in about 60 seconds - apologies if its wrong, but it seems correct to me as well), is that unless you have bought the CD from an Apple Tech (not illegal for you to buy it, just a breach of contract for them to sell it - so youd be legally clear, they however wouldnt be - but none of them will ever do this as its too valuable a CD), the only way to acquire this item is an illegal download.

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