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Upgrade my backup machine. iMac G3-->eMac

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Legacy, Oct 30, 2007.

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    I currently own an iMac (see signature) for backup use etc. However, I do find it quite slow for use and it is now no longer compatible with the latest OS. It runs leopard.

    Therefore, I am thinking of upgrading my backup machine to probably an eMac 1GHz G4 and running leopard on there. How adequate is the 1GHz/Radeon 7500 for running leopard? Is the transparency and ripple effects the only things I will lose? I quite like the 3D dock and would like to keep that. Will the basic DVD-player features work?

    I am thinking of equipping the eMac with 1GB of RAM.

    Also, would it be worthwhile to go for the 1.25GHz version. I would really have liked the 1.42GHz version with the Radeon 9600 but I can't get hold of that anywhere theyre so rare!!
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    Do you want the eMac for anything other than the specs? I have seen G5s go for the same price but most people tend to keep eMac's becasue of their "grace value," anyways.. I see G5s all around go for $400-500 which would run incredibly smoother than any eMac can...
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    All-in-one really..no space at home but I need a backup machine for my apps and files.

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